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Then: Kildare and Casey
!!   !!

Now: McDreamy and House
!!   !!

Is it just me?  Or are TV doctors more accessible and way better looking than the ones in real life?  

Back in the day, we had Doctors Richard Kildare and Ben Casey.  Not bad too look at with fairly good bedside manners.  Today, we have McDreamy and McSteamy working at Seattle Grace Hospital, the hunks that come and go on ER, and my favorite, Dr. Gregory House - irreverent, controversial, and nearly always right with his diagnosis.  Someone I'd want working on my case, if I ever get some obscure disease.  

I sometimes wonder if the creators of HOUSE gave him that name because doctors used to actually make house calls.  Take Marcus Welby, for example.  He represented a time when the doctor would arrive at your door with his little black bag, pull out his stethoscope and take care of you, right there in your very own bed.  Afterwards, he would share a cup of tea or coffee at the kitchen table.  

Today, the only "doctors" that actually make house calls are the ones that arrive with their black cases full of routers, mother boards, recovery discs, power cords, memory chips and whatever integral parts are needed to cure the virus in our ailing computer.  

Yes, it's sad but true.  Our hard drives can count on being repaired in their very own homes.  Yet when we, their owners, need recovery from the virus weakening our power,  from a hacking cough, or a slipped disc we must drive ourselves to the ER (where you can bet the doctors aren't as handsome as those on TV) or to our family practitioner.  

Which brings me to my current dilemma – that of finding a good doctor.  Oh, I never miss my annual female inspections.  You know the mamm and the pap, as I call them.  Just as I could never forget those folks who took me to the doctor when I was sick:  mom and pop.  

But what I need now is a doctor for a wellness exam, preferably one that takes my insurance.  These days that seems harder and harder to find.  I know our current administration is promising to make changes in our medical coverage.  I'm hoping it's sooner than later.  Because even though my boss pays quite a hefty sum for my insurance, I still have a lot of out-of-pocket expenses.  

So, I asked around.  I got a referral from my orthopedic  surgeon.  Yes, that type of doctor, I do have.  I seem to break my bones a lot more than the average person.  

And with name in hand, I did what we all do these days, I went to my computer (free of all viruses) and I googled him.    

Wow!  What did I find?   Site after site about this great doctor.  He never lost a patient.  Treated his nurse with respect.   He was a hunk.   Went to work every Thursday night.  What?  Once a week?  Of course!  I had stumbled upon one of the lesser known fictional doctors at Seattle Grace.  I continued reading anyway.  Only to find that he accepts every insurance plan.  And never turns down a patient.      

Now if I could just get myself an appointment!

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Member Comments

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      Lindao wrote Mar 1, 2009
    • I have to admit, Janie, that I don’t watch all the doctor shows on TV today, although I did watch many of those of yesteryear.  But I identify with your frustration about not having the ideal general doctor.  We had a good one, but he got frustrated with insurance companies and went into a practice where patients have to subscribe for a large amount of money just to walk in the door.  Although I liked him, I wasn’t prepared to do that.  His replacement is okay but not as good.  Maybe a fictional actor type would be better... but I’d rather have someone —LindaO

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    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Tinaf wrote Mar 1, 2009
    • Over the past few years, the doctors in the medical group we went to kept “disappearing.”  It got to the point where we only saw support staff.  I missed seeing doctors—any doctors—studly or otherwise!

      Finally, we wisened up and made some changes, and not only do I have a GP now, she actually recognized me when we saw each other on the street and we chatted.  Sort of Marcus Welby-like, huh?  ;)

            Report  Reply

    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Janie Emaus wrote Mar 1, 2009
    • Linda - That’s what happened to my doctor.  He joined this group where I had to pay an annual fee, then dropped out of the group and then droppped my insurance!

      Tina - You‘re lucky about your doctor.  Like I said, the only one that recognizes me is my orthopedic surgeon and I hope I never have to see him again.

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    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Chattycathie wrote Mar 2, 2009
    • Janie-

      I would like to make a revision on your statement about house calls.  Recently my dad has been sick.  He is 88 and pretty much spends all his time in bed.  After a year of being in and out of the hospital cycle (the insurance stopped and send him home and two days later he was back in the hospital) It was suggested to my step mom put him on Hospice.

      Now most people think hospice is only available if you at deaths door.  We found that wasn’t true.  It is available for anyone who are ill enough to not care for themselves or have medical health problems that causes major problems with family caring for that person and they can stay on it as long as they need it.

      It is the greatest thing in the world.  Now my dad can stay home where he is happy.  Each day they have a health care worker come in and help him get bathed and check up on him and here is the greatest part, when he needs it—the doctor comes to your home!

      So if you want to have a doctor come to your home, just go on hospice.  Of course most of us hope we never get to that point.

      Just thought I would share, for those reading this going through the same thing with their parents.


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    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Janie Emaus wrote Mar 2, 2009
    • Cathie - That’s really great to know.  I wish you the best with your dad.  My father will be 88 at the end of the month.


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    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Shopgirl1960 wrote Mar 2, 2009
    • Did I see the names McDreamy and McSteamy!?? lol lol

            Report  Reply

    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Pamaloon wrote Mar 3, 2009
    • I’m not sure why this is, but most of my doctors now are women! My gyno, my GP (who I kindly think of as the general contractor - who figures out what’s wrong and sends me on to a specialist), and my eye doc. But they are a great group - and every single one has a sense of humor.

      Although there are times when you shouldn’t laugh. Like during your mamm and pap. :)

            Report  Reply

    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Diane Klapper wrote Mar 31, 2009
    • Well I“m sooo glad that the Drs don’t look like Mcdreamy or McSteamy.  Because I never let them see me naked don’t really like looking at myself much these days. So I do like McDreamy to dream about.

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