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*Time Management Secret –
To thine own self be true.*
(C)Carole Pagan 2008
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Part of the chaos in our lives is caused by trying to live up to someone else's standards. We're bombarded with all this stuff we 'should' do.  

You should have your kids in soccer, and band, and scouts, and youth group. And they should get straight A's despite the fact that they're never home and you don't have time to eat a healthy meal. And don't forget science fairs, open houses, talent shows, plays, and conferences.  

And don't forget, you should keep your house clean, cook amazing meals, work a job or two, see your mother once a week, and keep touch with your Internet friends every night.  

And don't be without your cell phone because someone always needs something, right now, and they can't wait until it's convenient for you.  

And you know who won 'Dancing with the Stars', and 'American Idol', right?  

This is all important stuff, right? Well, maybe to someone else. But is it important to you?  

Clint Eastwood once said, "A man's got to know his limitations." I don't remember which movie it's from; it's just a line that stuck with me.  

You've got to know your limitations.  

And you've got to make allowances for individuals.  

I was at a parent's site the other day, and the topic was how to get through the morning and get everyone moving.  

Neither my daughter or I are morning people. We need calm time in the morning to get it together and get ready for the day. Some people can get up and be out of the house in 10 or 20 minutes. That won't work in our house.  

Now we can try to do it because that's what everyone does, but we'll always start out day off hurried and cranky and we'll be unhappy. So instead of trying to fit into everyone else's mold, we need to do what's right for us.  

Now say that I was one that could get ready in 20 minutes, but my daughter couldn't – which seems to be the case most of the time. I could get frustrated every day trying to get her to fit into my mold, in which case we'd both be unhappy - or I can make allowances for her as an individual. And at the same time, I can teach her to allow enough time in her schedule to get things done.  

If you know it takes you longer to get something done, then allow enough time. If you think you take far too much time, then find a way to learn how to do it faster. Think about someone you know who gets things done and ask them to share their secret shortcuts. You can find books and ebooks on almost every subject imaginable.  

When you know your limitations, and live by that, you know that you can't fit everything into 24 hours and still keep your health or your sanity. There are some serious time invaders that you probably could do without –

No IM – you can't get anything done when you have messages popping up every few minutes.  

No constant connection – turn cell phone off. Call me a rebel, but the only person that has my cell phone number is my daughter. There is nothing else that earth shattering that can't wait until I can call them back.  

No TV – OK, that's a radical idea that seems to be getting trendier. You want to find a few more hours everyday? Cut the cable.  

Get up half an hour earlier. You'll be amazed how much more organized your entire day will be if you take an extra half hour to get it together in the morning.  

Take the time to eat right. You need health and energy to be the best you can be everyday. Don't cheat yourself here. .  

Make fewer commitments.

You know your own limitations. The problem is, many people ignore them. Some people need only 5 hours sleep. Others need 9. Some people like to whip in and out of the store. Others like to meander and talk.  

Once you learn to make allowances for who you are, and learn to respect your limitations, you will live life on your own terms. And that really will make life easier for everyone.

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