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Are you a Late Night Snacker? Here are some awesome tips to help you.

Rid Thyself of Unhealthy Snacks

Maybe you'd rather keep the junk food in your house and prove your strength by trying desperately to avoid eating them all at the most inopportune time, but that would just be a bad idea. Removing all those unhealthy snacks from your home will put an immediate end to your late night snacking problem.

When we binge or snack late at night, it's usually food we shouldn't be eating at all, and probably wouldn't be eating if other people were around. The best way to help your fat loss is to just get rid of all those annoyingly evil temptations singing your name from the depths of the fridge. As tasty as you might find those late night snacks, or as comforting as they can be in the dark hours of night, you already know the damage it's doing to your body and your mind.

[Use a sweet bowl of fruit, air popped organic popcorn or a herbal tea sweetened with stevia for a late night snack and you can enjoy chocolate during daylight hours. Weight loss is about compromise not restrictions.]

Stock your fridge with healthy foods that won't send your diet over a cliff if you get a late night craving. Obviously you shouldn't be eating much late into the evening, but if it's a cup of frozen berries, fresh fruit or vegetables, it's less problematic for your weight loss.  

2. Drink It

Next time you're feeling hungry late at night, get your food fix by drinking a cup of herbal tea or a tall glass of water. Filling your belly with something will give your body (and mind) the same satisfied sensation as eating, without all the sugar, sodium, and fat.

[Water is a great way to lose weight and a great way to stop the late night snacking make it difficult to lose weight.]  

Drinking green tea or other teas without caffeine will not only satisfy your need to consume something, but it'll help you relax enough so you can fall asleep. Late night snacking is often a result of restlessness, and grabbing a cup of tea is more productive for sleep than a sugar-filled snack.

3. Eat During the Day

I know this seems like a "no duh", but making sure you're getting enough food during the day will cut down on the temptation you feel to binge late at night. Eat 3 healthy sized meals each day, along with a (healthy) snack or two in between and you won't feel as though you're 'starving' hours after dinner.

Most people make the mistake of consuming too few calories in the name of losing weight, leading to late night binge sessions that make you feel defeated later. If you must have a not-so-good snack, making it during the day so you still have time to burn most of those calories. Eating crap in general is a bad idea for weight loss, but eating crap late at night is the death knell of any weight loss program.

4. Am I Hungry?

'Am I hungry' is one question very few overeaters dare ask, probably because the answer is a resounding 'NO'. The next time you begin that slow journey to the fridge or cupboard, ask if you're even hungry. You'll be surprised how often you're heading for snack out of habit or boredom. Remember there's a difference between being hungry and wanting to eat.

You probably won't like having this conversation with yourself because it often goes like this;

Am I hungry?


Then why am I eating?

I dunno.

If you're not hungry, ask yourself why are you staring into the fridge looking for something tasty. This is a surefire way to keep you away from the fridge. Nothing brings you back to reality like realizing you enjoy eating without any real purpose and that's the true cause of your inability to lose weight. Make sure you have a valid reason each time you open the fridge and eventually you'll learn to end bad behaviors like late night eating.

You can learn to not eat when you're not hungry...or even when you are! That's what I call taking control of your future.

5.  Brush your Teeth

Brushing your teeth or using mouthwash can signal your body that you are done for the day.  Try it!

The bottom line is that it’s about making healthy lifestyle choices. After all who wants to live the rest of their lives on a diet?!

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