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Love it

Every six weeks I have this huge decision to make. Yes, I am a working woman, experienced, rad feminist, “my own person,” BUT ... I am so holding on to having color in my hair. I’ve always had mohagony, auburn, henna, even carrot-top colored hair. Once I went blond (but went quickly back to chestnut).  

A good friend of mine let her hair go gray. She’s GORGEOUS. Her silver jewelry looks divine, and she’s cute as a button. She’s a professional dealing with the public; confident; funny, smart; looks great in all clothes; and is just “So?” about her gray hair. It’s a non-issue for her.

My beautiful little sister let her hair go gray. And she’s beautiful as always. Except now she’s not dumping carcinogens on her head every six weeks or spending an entire Saturday dealing with a henna application. (I’ve been using henna and non-animal tested color from the health food store for the last few years.)

Every six weeks, I have enough gray hair grown back, to take the plunge. (I’d have to go from red to light brown, and 6 weeks later to dark blond, etc. in order to not look too terribly freakish during the transition.)

But I’m such a diva. I admit it - I’m still trying to look a certain way, I still get a charge out men’s second glances. I don’t know if I could go through with gray hair. It’s a part of myself (my youth? my perception of my youth?)that I’m having a hard time letting go of. But I want to. I want to be the age I am. I want the authority I’ve earned over the years. I want to be the mature person on the outside that I can be (sometimes) on the inside.

And that six week mark is coming up again.  

My question to my Fab.40 Sisters: How do you all handle your hair color? For those of you who have gone from color to gray, was it a huge deal? Did it change your life?

Love to you all,
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Love it


Member Comments

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      Debra Roby wrote Jun 3, 2008
    • If my gray hair were truly gray.. and beautiful, I’d let it go and be happy.

      However,when the color faded from my hair (technically turning gray), my hair become this dull, faded dark non-color.  That “mousey” color that does nothing becoming to anyone.  It IS gray.. but not silver, or bright or light or anything that would be called gray.

      It aged me.  And there was nothing to do to make it attractive.  It didn’t shine, it didn’t anything.

      So I went to my hairstylist and returned my hair to my “natural” color.  The color my hair was before all color faded away.

      Every 6 weeks, I touch it up.  Sometimes I use a box and do the deed in my bathroom.  Usually, I spend an afternoon at the salon, getting hair colored, face de-furred, and everything styled.  

      I’m lucky. I live in the poorest region of one of the most expensive places in the US.  I can get all this work done for $75.  It’s a bargain.  And I not only look better.. I look about 10-15 years younger than I really am.

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      Yana Berlin wrote Jun 3, 2008
    • I think this is something you have to try out and see.

      Some people can pull it off, some don’t have a pretty grey, if your sister has nice natural grey color, than maybe you to will be lucky, after all it’s all about genetics.

      Take a look at my grandma, she went grey at 45, she is 87 today going strong, the only thing she does is adds a bit of blue tint, I can find out for you what that is. It makes her hair  lustrous.

      !pic(image description)!

      Not bad for 87?

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      Goldenapple wrote Jun 4, 2008
    • I will give second glances irrespective of your hair color :)

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      Suzann wrote Jun 4, 2008
    • Hi Better, Stephanie, and Yana. I love your ideas.

      Better, I know exactly what you mean. The one time I went blond it drew all the color out of my face and was very aging.  

      Stephanie, hmmmm, ya know? A dark, deep gray might actually work.

      Yana, what an awesome photo of your beautiful grandmother. Her hair is definitely silky. But more than that, she looks like the kindest, sweetest person.  

      I hadn’t thought about the genetic aspect, Yana. My sister’s hair is fairly dark, but there’s some salt and pepper in it too. But her complexion is a little darker than mine. You really have a good point: There are many shades of natural gray, and one has to let their hair grow out just to see what color it’s going to be. And the beauty of that is, if it doesn’t look good, it can always be colored again. :)

      Best to you guys,

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      Suzann wrote Jun 4, 2008
    • Awww, Golden Apple. :)

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      Nyspirit54 wrote Jun 6, 2008
    • Going gray seems to be a double standard in our society. While men are considered “distinguished” with gray hair, women are considered “old” when they go gray. I think it’s all a personal choice. I cover my silver maybe every six months, and I know someday I will be gray at my roots. I hate to say it, but I think going completely gray ages both men and women. The men think they look cool, but they look like Santa(especially when they have white beards and/or mustaches!), and frankly, I don’t want to date Santa! I guess I have my own hang-ups about going gray- I don’t think I will go completely gray for awhile.

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