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Love it

"To thong or not to thong?"...Now there's a question that will reliably break the ice at your next party.   Lingerie as a theme is a charged subject.  

I've rediscovered this on many occasions, none more humorously than while attending a retail merchants networking meeting, getting seated with a half dozen 50-something year old businessmen, and them asking me across the table, "So what's your business?"  

When I say "Better than Chocolate Boutique, Lingerie for real women with great taste," the result is: raised eyebrows, an amused darting of twinkling eyes around the table, followed immediately by very enthusiastic and lively conversation.   These types of experiences are fun (and funny) and I always enjoy seeing how people react to the discovery of my line of work.   There's never a dull moment here in lingerie land.  

But back to the specific subject at hand.   Thongs.  

In my experience, every woman falls into one of two camps:   you are either a "thong girl" or NOT, but your status can actually change after a two week fully open-minded trial period.  

I learned this methodology several years ago from a dear friend who was a thong aficionado and somewhat amusingly also an elementary school principal!   On a girls' weekend together she challenged my personal prejudice against the tiny objects by introducing our group to her "two week theory": give it two weeks and thongs can be your panty of choice.  She helped me select a number of good "entry level" thongs.   Entry level was defined as a thong of generous sizing, limited adornment, and soft material.   I also selected a number of decorative ones that would reinforce another positive feature of thong wearing, namely a delicate feminine aesthetic.

I was determined to give this experiment my full open-minded attention.   My husband was intrigued and amused when I insisted that I was engaged in this strictly in the name of science.... The outcome of my two week investigation was this (drum roll please):  

I still dislike them as a daily clothing item.   But I have grown to think of them beyond my earlier narrow definition of "fashionable dental floss."
Here's why:  Thongs can serve a purpose and have their place in any woman's lingerie wardrobe.

1) Thong as Functional Asset – Many clothes today are form fitting.   If items like pencil skirts, skinny jeans, or other curve hugging clothing are a part of your wardrobe then a thong may be a worthwhile complement to ensure the absence of panty lines, although they are by no means the singular solution.  Panty technology today offers many options that minimize this problem which I will enthusiastically address in a future entry or I can share with you personally if you send me an e-mail at [Link Removed], with "Request for: A brief on panties" on the subject line.  

2) Thong as Private Pleasure/Decorative Element – Sometimes what we wear "under there" puts a smile on the face of the wearer, like a cherished secret we share with only the most worthy of intimates.    Thongs can be the perfect complement to a favorite frilly bra or captivating chemise.  Surely there's no reason to feel uncomfortable with the concept of thong as adornment, much like a ribbon decorates a beautiful package.

3) Lastly, though I must admit I will never embrace this personally, and that is Thong as Comfort Item – It is a personal preference issue to be sure, as individual as how a person enters a pool of water to swim.   Some of us tiptoe in tentatively, sensitive to every cooling inch as it creeps past each vertebra, others dive in head first with no hesitation.   We all have differing degrees of sensitivity.   But there is definitely an opinionated group of dedicated thong wearers who attest to this and will never be dissuaded.

I have done extensive, though certainly not exhaustive, research that would never stand up to scientific scrutiny.  But remember, we're talking about panties here, not neuroscience.   It appears that about one in ten of us (ten percent) absolutely adores their thongs and considers them their panties of choice.     These women are often very vocal proponents and enjoy the playful smiles this subject gives rise to.  

Some of you may shake your head in disbelief.   Some of us would never part with our tried and true hip huggers, briefs, boy shorts, or bikinis.   We hold fast to the familiar, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that.   I've talked with many women over the years that followed my initial "thong trial" and encouraged them to try the two week experiment.   Many have become converts.  The majority have not.   At the very least, it provides them with an amusing experience to discuss at their next cocktail party, girls' weekend, or PTA meeting.   Well, perhaps not the latter...    

At any rate, Better Than Chocolate Boutique will soon be offering carefully selected panties to appeal to a broad range of preferences, always keeping real women in mind.  Beautiful colors and styles, sensible sizing, and comfort as key criteria.  

With this in mind, I'd love to hear:  What are your thoughts about thongs?

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Love it


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