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This short article describes an upcoming Remote Healing Session that will be conducted on the Aug 6th, and is part of a RHS program that consists of monthly Remote Healing Sessions to release limitation and accelerate awakening.  The program is a wonderful way to keep up with inner transformation.

The upcoming session is focused on releasing negativity, judgment, negative self-talk, self limitation and self-sabotage behaviours, transforming all regret, guilt, and shame, forgiving yourself and others, and achieving a state of peace and acceptance over your past.

Habitual negative self-talk and its roots in trauma and negative beliefs about self will be systematically cleared and replaced with an impulse toward gentleness, self-acceptance, and self-nurturance, which supports a move out of illusion-generating confused and unclear thinking into reality-sustaining clear thought of the true self.

Active guilt and shame often keep us in punishing or self-sabotage behaviours and patterns. For example, financial failure or relationship failure are common unconscious ways in which we may choose to punish ourselves. Guilt and regret keep us reliving and doing penance for our perceived failures, and the resolution is missed altogether. Resolving guilt and regret requires a shift in consciousness in the present such that new ways of doing things become possible now. When we learn our lesson, we can embrace our past with understanding and compassion and move on. Believing that we "should have known better" is disguised arrogance of the muddled mind. Change is only possible with humility and compassion for our humanness.  And when we extend this to ourselves and finally allow ourselves to be in 'process' in life, it becomes so much easier to release judgment of others and extend understanding, compassion, and forgiveness to them.  

If people just cleared away their guilt and shame, they would be well on their way to the life of their dreams and new levels of freedom.  And it's not that difficult to do—it just requires identification following by clearing.  

Negative self-talk is another area to target in order to make accelerated changes in life. Negative self-talk is a means of maintaining levels of shame and guilt that we have grown accustomed to. With all these bad-feeling habits and no means to resolve them, we then tend to blame others and our past, which only makes us feel disempowered and stuck in our unhappy circumstances—the endless variations of our past.  With blame of others, we lock ourselves into judgment. Judgment of others separates us from them, further alienating us from our core self and sustaining illusion-generating thinking. The consequences of destructive habits like guilt and negative self-talk are the things that generate and sustain painful illusion in our lives.

This remote healing session will help you to break free from all those negative and destructive habits and embrace new, self-loving and self-nurturing ways of being that are increasingly free of judging by appearances. (The Self-Talk Cleanser and Negativity Purge Tool will be utilized in many activations.) And with less judgment, your power of clear thought will strengthen and your level of fear will decrease noticeably. In the ACIM it is stated that only sin is judgment, and its effect is separation and fear. These activations will support you to seeing the world with Joyful Clarity, allowing for divine truth and wisdom to be increasingly revealed to you.  The possibility and the impulse to create anew in every moment will be strengthened, as will the impulse to see life more truthfully from the clear mind of the Higher Self

And even without overt negativity, unless you've been brought up by enlightened caregivers, most everyone has internalized limitation from their past that is hindering movement forward and the ability to fulfill their highest destiny. Some of the limiting beliefs that hold us back are completely illogical and if we knew we had them, we would choose to release them as soon as possible. Others are belief structures that represent challenges that we have chosen for ourselves in this lifetime.  These support and shape our life story, but it is just a story.  We are not our story; we are eternal beings utilizing this world in order to expand in consciousness. The limitations and dysfunctions of our stories are more fruitfully seen as challenges that we are meant and are able to transcend in order to uncover the true self in the process. Healing and making peace with our past is a necessary path that will lead us to greater inner freedom and closer to our destiny work.  

If you would like to read more about the Remote Healing Sessions Program, please visit the [Link Removed]  The session consists of body activations, transmitted via magnetic resonance, which impacts on the magnetic energy flows in participants. Your life is created from your energy—change your energy into harmonious flows and you will bring harmony and beauty into your life. You can read all about it on the website.  All participants receive the full product that we develop from these remote sessions within a few weeks of the session.  This is very powerful clearing that instigates permanent change.

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