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Life's path is never straight and narrow or perfectly flat and smooth. As children we view life as simple as a single step in front of us one small foot at a time. When we fall we simply get back up and steady our wobbly legs then push on to the desired item in our eyesight. We never think about the bumps in our path because our needs are so much more important. As small people with big dreams getting to our destination is so much more than the journey.

Then we grow up and our inner child whom has been groomed by our environment speaks out and lets us know that we cannot really be all we want to be or have all we truly desire to have after all. She likes us to stay in her firm grasp and hold our self-esteem hostage. She loves to watch us trip over our challenges and see our journey twist and turn as transitions become more prevalent and dominating. She still wants us to believe that the destination is more important than the journey – but wait, as we evolve and blossom we realize that the destination will arrive eventually as long as we travel the journey, learning and growing as we do. This is our inner being commanding a larger speaking voice now.

Transition is change and change occurs throughout life. Life is a series of beginnings and endings which actually end up being beginnings again. Transitions are perpetual; a constant movement, development or evolution from one form, or stage to another. They happen so often through our journey that most go unnoticed as anything too challenging. And then one day – wham! – a big one hits us and we just don't know how we can recover form such a sudden change.

Women today are finding themselves in more and more transitional situations than ever before in the historic walk they have etched on this planet.

•Divorce rate is up
•Children leave home and find education/work where they can
•Economic downturn has increased unemployment thus starting home business has increased.
•Cancer and other severe disease are on the rise
•Sandwich generation – women are looking after their own family as well as their parents plus trying to hold down a home and job.

All these transitional situations (and there are many more – in fact too many to mention) lead to a sense of loss in a woman's life.

•Loss of a role
•Loss of a person
•Loss of a place
•Loss of a sense of  "self" and where you fit into this world.

And as with any significant loss, comes fear of the unknown. A woman's anxiety will increase because she feels her future is now filled with unanswerable questions. Our environment has groomed us to be cautious and anxious with uncertainty. We can become so uncomfortable with this concept that it disrupts our lives.  

Refocusing our thoughts, emotions and actions can change the energy of a loss and open a window to find the positive in it. These transitions offer us a chance to learn about our strengths and encourage us to explore what our true desires and goals are in our life.  Each transition blows us down and as we pick ourselves up of the ground we have time for reflection on the situation. The lessons we learn can catapult us into a renewed sense of stability and equilibrium. We will have an understanding of whom we are and why exactly we are meant to be traveling this path set in front of us.  

So we must remember that when we enter life's revolving door there is always a way in and a way out. When we ride life's rollercoaster no matter how many steep hills and blinding curves you are sped around, you will have a chance to get off.

As my wonderful and dear friend wrote me,

"WHEN LIFE BECOMES A ROLLER COASTER, Climb into the Front Seat, Throw Your Arms in the Air, & ENJOY THE RIDE!!!!!!!!


Life is full of ups and downs. If you‘re anything like me, more than once you’ve prayed to God to take away some of the low spots.

If I had only realized that the experience I was trying to avoid was actually a life -alters opportunity that shaped me into the women I am today, I would have yelled,” Hit me with your best shot!”


Knowing this after the fact didn’t make it any easier, but looking back I realized I am much better now for having endured it. Besides, I’d never have realized how high I have gotten without the perspective of how low I had actually been.

The real lesson to be learned is that we need to face our challenges head –on with grace, style and conviction...."

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