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Love it

Hi Everyone!

I thought that I’d give a few tips on how to really get rid of acne without going to the extreme of using drugs, which can be toxic to our bodies and cause more inflammation.

First, if you or your children are experiencing acne, I would suggest you do the following:

1) Ask yourself or your child how many bowel movements you have each day.  Technically speaking, we should all have one after each meal we take in.  If not, then you may need to give yourself a boost!

2) Cleanse your skin when you wake up, after a workout (sweating) and before you retire to bed.  Using a cleanser with non-irritating ingredients is suggested because it lowers the risk of an increase of inflammation.  Teens are notorious for not having the best hygeine.

3) Change your pillow case each and every night as to prevent bacteria from spreading. (this is of course, if you have moderate acne)  Residual make-up on a pillow creates a perfect breeding spot for bacteria.

4) Detox your colon if you have moderate to sever acne.  This is recommended for anyone who does not have at least 1 - 2 bowel movements per day!

5) Reduce the amount of inflammation you have in your bodies.  Inflammation is the CORE of all skin conditions.  

When acne is present it is because toxins, which create inflammtion, can no longer be excreted via our internal organs, therefore, the only other organ the toxin can pass through is the skin. There is poison in our gut and this contributes to acne on the skin and once again, the common denominator is inflammation!

Not only do we need to keep our outtermost capsule healthy, we need to do so internally by reducing inflammation.  That is why a cleanse of the liver, colon, a candida cleanser are all essential if you are looking to get rid of acne.

Keep in mind that our bodies are in a state of inflammation 24/7.  When we do not take care of our insides, the outside will show it!  What happens next is our bodies use their own supply of proteins, enzymes and antioxidants to compensate for the inflammation that wreaks havoc on our cells.  One of the main tripeptides that our bodies utilize on a daily basis is glutathione.  It is such a powerful antioxidant as well.  This needs to be replenished along with several other enzymes and antioxidants such as superoxide dismutase and catalase.

Whenever treating an acne client, I have them do the above steps religiously.  As well, I have them use Pure Skin Junkie’s Cellular Serum which contains l-glutathione, superoxide dismutase, catalase and several other essentials that our bodies manufacture natrually.

Of course, I also recommend my acne serum.  Not only is naturally derived, but it works and it is safe!  Unlike accutane or other prescriptions, there are no side effects from any of the ingredients that I use.  The retinaldehyde that is the basis of this serum actually prevents scar formation as well as being a potent acne fighter.  Of course, I use other herbs and botanicals that are anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-sebum.

I like to recommend a more holistic approach rather than fill our bodies with drugs.  You can use supplements to nourish and cleanse you internally.  Your acne will get less and less until ultimately it’s gone!

Please don’t think that if you take internal supplements or nurishment that you do not need to care for your largest organ - SKIN. That is the wrong message and I don’t know of any doctor, holistic health practitioner or esthetician that will tell you that you can just leave your skin alone! Not the case. You still need to take care of the outtermost portion of your skin!  You have to treat the body in totality, not isolate one or a few portions.

Hence, you treat acne from the inside out!

Hope these tips can help you or someone you know.  I know they have helped my clients tremendously!

There seems to be many women here on Fab 40 who might have the perfect supplement for you!  Just ask!

Love it

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