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and that is probably why we don’t. We get caught up with our outward appearance and that is what we focus on wanting to change not realizing there are serious things happening on the inside. We want a microwave weight loss plan but let’s face it we didn’t gain weight over night and we ain’t gonna lose it over night.  If we focus on losing weight then we are already setting ourself up for defeat.  

What should we focus on then you ask? Being healthy! Weight loss is a by product of healthy choices and I am not talking about just food.  Choosing healthy thoughts, healthy relationships, controlling emotions, staying active, getting involved in healthy activities and last but not least putting living food into our mouths and not synthetic laboratory fabricated food wannabe’s.

An easy food lifestyle change to follow that works, is the Blood Type Diet “Eat Right 4 your Type“.  Eat normal not oversized portions and  don’t mix starch and meat together. Eat the baked potato and salad for one meal and the steak and veggie for another but don’t eat the potato and steak in the same meal.  

Eating foods that are right for your blood type feeds your body and reduces the hunger pangs unless you are truly hungry. Make sure you take the appropriate supplements and doing the appropriate exercise for your blood type diet.  

This lifestyle change with a healthy mindset about life and you are on the road to a whole new you!


Member Comments

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      Kelly Robertson wrote Apr 7, 2009
    • Hello! I’m AB Positive  (a universal receiver so no one ever wants my blood) and the book you recommend is fabulous! I am, for example, “allergic” to corn and never knew it. I LOVE CORN! But, it doesn’t love me. And once I read all about my blood type and the foods I should eat, and the foods I should not eat or those that I should stay away from or limit, I noticed that corn puts the hurts on me!  DUH

      Great paperback book that everyone should have, available on Amazon cheapie cheapie.  

      PS According to my blood type, the only meat I can eat is Turkey and Quail. YUK.

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      Doreen XoXo wrote Apr 7, 2009
    • okay so I tried the cinnamon in my coffee this morning....not so bad.  Will keep doing it everyday and hoping for the 10lb loss that another member got from just adding cinnamon.


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      Kelly Robertson wrote Apr 7, 2009
    • go to [Link Removed]

      My esthetician lost a ton of weight once she found the food she was alergic to.

      It’s really all very interesting: For example, “O” is a very old (I guess the original) blood type. Thinking way back, cavemen only had meat (dinosaurs) and greens (I’m guessin bushes) to eat;  that said, a type “O” wouldn’t do well with dairy.

      On the other hand, “A” is a fairly new blood type (I can’t remember but I’m going to say only 1,000 years old) so an A would do well with dairy but not so hott with meat and bushes.

      I dunno - maybe I’m all wrong but I liked the book, the whole idea and as usual, my cup runneth over.  The more I know,the more I don’t know.  haha

      love, kelly

      Lipsdiva, Your links have been removed, please consider upgrading to premium membership.

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      Vikki Hall wrote Apr 7, 2009
    • I need to check this out.....

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