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Hi everyone. I was working all day today and just got home a short time ago. I work in the hotel industry and some days are just so crazy. When I get home and mull over things that have happened, sometimes I just have to laugh. Today was another one of THOSE days and I just have to share what happened...

I handle about 90 percent of the Weddings where I work and 50 percent of the groups that have business conferences. We do more smaller weddings (40pp and under) than larger one’s. Last night right before leaving work I had a bride that called me and she started out by telling me that she just wanted to have the information sent via email and didn’t want to do a lot of talking with me until she had a chance to look everything over. She told me “if” she called me it would never be until next week. The customer is always right so I sent the information out immmediately and thought I would follow up with her next week.

I was Manager of the Hotel today. This means when the poop hits the fan I’m the person that gets all the pages and calls on the radio I have to carry. I then run around the hotel to try to find out exactly what has transpired, fix the problem as best I can, eat a lot of crow on behalf of the hotel and try my darndest to make everyone happy.

To give you an idea of what transpired today, I came in at 6:30am and tried to have a cup of coffee just to get the engines going. My eyes weren’t even open yet, I think I had taken maybe 2 sips and my first call came at 7:00am. Please run up to a sleeping room because someone needs, shampoo, conditioner, and soap. I’m saying to myself, Are you kidding me right now?! Housekeeping was in the midst of transitioning from the evening shift to the morning shift. So as not to make the guest wait I went upstairs to hand these items to the guest. A gentleman greets me at the door with a grunt, a mouth full of toothpaste, half his face lathered with shaving cream and only a towel. I hand everything over as fast as I can (yes it’s a little akward by I’m a professional) and get the heck out of there as fast as I can.

I go back downstairs to the front office to find that the reason housekeeping isn’t quite on yet is because our ADP Clock that clocks everyone in is down and it’s going to take 3 hours for ADP to fix the problem. This now is about 8am and have I mentioned I haven’t had my cup of coffee yet?

I go up to my office to turn the lights on, put my makeup on so I don’t scare anyone, turn my computer on and then I think, ok it’s been about 45 minutes and there have been no pages so I am going to get another coffee (I never drank the first one because it was cold by the time I got back to it). So I go down to our restaurant with the loveliest waitstaff and they know the determined look on my face. I didn’t even get a chance to get myself coffee, one of them had poured it for me.  

I then decide I am going to have a little breakfast. I toast my bagel, grab some eggs, and have just sat down to take my first sip out of my coffee and my damn radio goes off! I had to literally run and get up to the 10th floor because a 911 call came into our operator. This is about 9:15am. I bang on the door and announce that I am the Hotel Manager. This young mother answers the door with this little cutey patooty of a little girl running around in the backround. I say maam I’m sorry to bother you but is everything ok? We just received a 911 call from this room. She turned and looked immediately at her daughter who was about 3 and said Alexa were you playing with the phone again?! I hear yes I sorry mommy. OK. The mother apologizes, I leave and call down to the front office because they have to call the police station. Anytime someone dials 911 they automatically come to the property.

How do you think my coffee, eggs, and bagel are doing?  

I wait for the police, explain what happened and they leave. I go back and pour myself another coffee, tell the wait staff to throw away the breakfast and head back to my office. On the way to my office the radio starts going again and this continued until 1pm. I never got back upstairs.

As I went upstairs around 2pm and received a radio call to hurry over to the Spa and Tennis Court Area because there is a strange man hanging out under the walking area - WHATTTT! I go over to the Spa to find out what the heck they are talking about and after putting the pieces together realize it’s 2 of our interns. They store the hoses and brushes for the tennis courts under the walkway and were trying to get them out and the Spa Girls freaked. OMG.  

I settle that situation and finally get back to my office at around 3pm. I see my voicemail light blinking on my phone and notice there are a few new email.

Turns out there were 2 voicemails and 3 emails from the same person. It was the Bride that I had emailed last night. The one that said she did not want to speak with me before next week. I could tell by the tone in all of the messages that she was getting increasingly more and more upset with me. She evidently had some extremely important questions that she needed answered and of course I was no where near my desk to answer any of them for her.

The last message that she left was that she felt I basically didn’t think enough of her to return any of her messages so she would prefer me not to contact her at all because she would never be getting married at my property.

I’m just about to make myself a VERY strong rum and coke and watch a movie. God help the Groom!


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      (華娃娃) ChinaDoll wrote Mar 28, 2009
    • OMG, I was thinking about hotel management when I was in college.  I still regret of not going into the field but now... I think you have helped me of not looking back.  

      Which hotel are you and where?  Perhaps one day, if I am in the area I will visit and stay but for sure, I will not dial 911 and I will give you a tip.happy

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