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Remember that old children’s game?

Oh I forget, most of you are much less ‘chron-mature’ than me. It went something like this. . 2 teams facing each other & one team calls a member from the other team to their side of the field. . . That’s all I remember, but I think the one called might have had to do something once they were “called over“.

The point is that we all want others to come over to “our side“. Whether it’s an opposite opinion from ours or a competent employee that we want to ‘lure’ to our side of the street. We want to form a “team” of like-minded, supportive individuals who will play the game to the benefit of all!

“Together, everyone accomplishes more!” The anacronym for T.E.A.M. We hear it bandied about a lot, but how often do we really take such a truism to heart?

It is true! Together, a team can accomplish more than the lone individual.

I hear your thoughts. . . “Einstein did it alone“. No he didn’t! He had help along the way. Teachers who continued to work with him although they considered him anything but a math genius. Those who bought into his work & came alongside to encourage if nothing else. And then family & close friends. I’m ‘relatively’ certain that the Theory of Relativity came about because Einstein included others along the way!

And we need to as well. We can’t get nearly as much accomplished alone as we can when we “call over” those who will support, encourage & work with us to get the job done.

The challenge becomes “who do we call“? “Who do we connect with on a regular basis who would come to our side of the field with thoughts of mutual benefit? With whom do we agree more often than not? Who challenges us in supportive ways? Who will play, by the rules, on our team & never think of slinking off with our creativity, passion & brilliance for their own benefit?

All the above is very important when choosing those with whom we’ll form long-term mutually beneficial relationships - whether “team” members or not. But certainly of utmost importance when making the “call” to accomplish more together!

One way is to ask good questions. Probing questions, questions that get to the heart of a person in non-offensive ways. Questions that permit the other to reveal a deeper sense of self without embarrasment.

I ran across an interesting article on Saturday while “Twittering” (see what you miss when you don’t “twit n’ tweet“). I’ve posted the link below. Read it & think how you can adapt it to making the ‘right calls’ when forming a “band of sisters” (or brothers) to mutually get what everyone wants. And that’s SUCCESS!

Here’s the link:

Now make this a “meat n’ mashed potatoes” rather than “watered down soup” day when playing on the field of life!

Much love,
Linda, a fellow traveler
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