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Last night, while laying in bed, I picked up Money and the Law of Attraction and opened it to a page asking for guidance. I turned the page 112 and also read the line from the page before which read,

When you begin to look for and understand the vibrational causes for diseases rather than looking for cures, then you will come to the end title of diseases when you are able to deliberately accomplish the emotion of ease and its accompanying vibrational alignment, it is possible to live disease free.  

The next couple of sentences, are powerful, too:

Most people spend very little time basking in appreciation for the wellness that they are currently experiencing... good feeling thoughts produce and sustain physical well-being.... Your natural state is one of wellness.  

So, people who get caught in trying to figure out what is wrong with them, what is the name of the disease they have, it puts them in a Catch-22. I remember with Lyme disease, and there’s a part of me that wants to say “my Lyme disease“. I believe that is extremely bad because we are identifying with it on a whole other level. Ownership. The question is do we own it or does it own us. As long as we use that word “my” we are dragging this disease around.

It’s not very often that we hear people say “my ease“, but frequently we hear “my disease” (filling in the name of their disease). I have a friend, who’s just a couple years older than me, the recently died. I remember her telling me a couple of years ago how old she was getting, and that she wouldn’t be lasting much longer. Several months ago, she e-mailed her friends including me explaining her condition. It was rare and painful. The more she researched about it, the worse she felt. I called her and empathized. I tried to find a way to help her out of her condition, but she seemed more interested in believing what the specialists were telling her and what she read online about her condition.

My website is called [Link Removed] I've loved that name, but haven't known quite where to go with it. The "way to health" is within each of us. As Abraham says, wellness is our natural state. It is a matter of aligning with our essence. When we feel good, we are aligned. We don't, we're missing the mark. Our cells are intelligent. They do know what to do, but we need to get our negative beliefs out of the way."I get a cold every winter." "When it's cold outside I might catch a cold."

According to Abraham it is our thoughts and our thoughts alone that are causing the resistance that is preventing the wellness. On page 113 of $&LoA, Abraham asks,

can you direct your thoughts positively regardless of the condition?  

That is where knowing how to be in the present moment and being able to align with essence pays off. No matter what is going on, we are just a twinkling of an eye from alignment/essence. It is about awareness and remembering who we really are no matter what is going on.

Page 116,

Practiced alignment - brought about by consistently good feeling thoughts - is the path to being pain free. Pain is only a more empathetic indicator of resistance.

In the 70s, for seven years I taught aerobics class for women through our local adult school. After about 45 minutes of working out, I would have the women lie down on the floor and then I would guide them through a progressive relaxation and then guided visualization using the golden healing light to focus on any area of the body that was feeling pain or tension. It was one way of letting go of resistance...

Something I learned when I was training myself for the birth of my children without the use of drugs, are some different techniques that alleviated pain. One, that comes to mind, is holding a small object, like a match, on the palm of your hand, and focusing on that object, and relaxing the body. It was a form of relaxation and distraction. It usually worked, and I can see adding focusing on the Well-Being is even more powerful.

Shifting the focus from disease to well-being is where it is at. Giving thanks for our health - yay - is the way to go. Focusing on what we want instead of what we don't want. Abraham repeats this theme over and over and over again. Why is it so hard for people to get? Our culture seems to thrive on bitching and complaining about how bad things are.

So, we need to stay in balance and harmony with our essence. Awareness is really important, too. If we notice that we are getting out of alignment, as when a negative emotion pops up, that is when we can improve our vibrational balance. If we don't, the vibration gets stronger and stronger until it gets our attention. If we are aware, and catch it early, it doesn't have to turn into something nasty. On page 124, second paragraph, Abraham talks about the secondary benefit of getting sick. We need to be honest with ourselves. If we had used sickness in the past for getting out of doing things, it's important to see that pattern. If we do, then we can be a choice, and choose what we want without having to get sick. EFT  can be used to clear that old pattern.

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Member Comments

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      Almostfive0 wrote Dec 3, 2008
    • I am a firm believer in the power of thinking positively and how our thoughts attract more of whatever it is we think.
      When we focus on things that cause us discomfort we produce more discomfort.

      The same holds true in the opposite. Focusing on that which is positive and brings happiness and fulfillment to our lives brings more of the same.

      This is not to say that “bad” things won’t happen or that illness won’t occur but when they do we should not focus on the bad feelings or the symptoms but on the solutions and finding gratitude for the things we have outside of our illness.
      Whatever you place your energy behind causes it to expand.

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