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Yesterday was my FIRST saturday off in months! i was so lookingforward to it! lol i told my daughter who gets up at the crack of dawn EVERYDAY that if she got up early, NOT to wake me up or id ducktape her to her bedroom wall! LOL i wouldn’t do that, and she got my point.. lol

My body alarm ALWAYS wakes me up at 5am, and i prayed it didn’t happen yesterday! LOL well, i slept in till 8am! LOL my daughter had gotten into bed with me earlier, and woke me up with tapping my back! LOL

Anyway, when the children got up, i told them they had hour and a half, two hours to do as they wanted ( with the exception of the comp, as i would be on it! LOL ) and then when the time us up, we were going to clean the livingroom TOGETHER, the kitchen TOGETHER, and the main bathroom..  

i told my daughter she needed to clean the bathroom in her room.. then when the house was done, we were going to rake the yard, and then mow the yard! LOL

yes, there were the grumbles and im not gonna do its, but WE did it! lol i was outside MOST of the day! and the depression had lifted, and it felt good! my son figured that because the property is my landlords, they need to do the yard! lol i politley told him that yes, its thier property.. WE are renting it, and it is OUR responsibility to keep it neet and tidy!

Well, he was bound and determined NOT to do the yard.. i got my shoes on and went to mow, and he fussed and fumed that i was not supposed to do this, that it was going to cause pain and swelling in my body, and i looked at him, and said, ” well its pain and swelling then! ”

we did the yard TOGETHER! lol then when we were done, my landlord invited us to a bonfire, and it was great! hotdogs, burgers and the works!  

So wonderful days don’t always need to cost money.. just spending time with my family, and doing things TOGETHER is the best time ever!

thanks for letting me ramble!
God Bless


Member Comments

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      Darla5 wrote Nov 2, 2008
    • Linni,

      Good morning. I see the 5 am  inner alarm clock kicked in for you. Me too.

      Money is up there with oxygen, we have to have it to survive... But, you figured out what takes alot of people years to figure out. It does not buy peace, contentment and happiness.

      IT is the sharing and loving everyday memories that mean the most.

      As my Mom said, you never see a u-haul attached to a funeral procession. We cannot take it with us. So why on Earth do we hold on to it so tight?  

      Thanks for sharing!

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      Almostfive0 wrote Nov 2, 2008
    • Hi Linni,
      Sounds like you had a wonderful Saturday with your children and got some quiet time for yourself. Sounds perfect to me! I’m sure the kids learned a valuable lesson in paying it forward. And the landlord was so appreciative. That’s what happens when you do for do and not for

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      Linni wrote Nov 2, 2008
    • you both are so right! i am going to strive to be that way EVERYDAY! change is what is needed in my life and the lives of my children, and its gotta start with me!  

      thank you for reading my blog!
      have a blessed Sunday!

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