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Love it

Green, mossy looking stuff  covers the top of the mug.   The substance beneath the moss jiggles when I shake it.  It smells like a combination of rotten meat and dirty socks.  And I have no idea what it is.   But whatever it is, is can't be something good for you.  Then again, I know that whatever it was, it came from my kitchen.

And there is no telling how long it's been under my daughter's bed.

But like any good detective, I'm about to find out.

Me to my daughter:   What in the world is this?

Child:  Dunno

Me:  What do you mean, you don't know.  I found it under your bed.

Child:  (Shrugs)  I didn't put it there.

Me:  Well, if you didn't, then who did?

Child:  Dunno

Me:  It looks like something from another planet.   And last time I checked we haven't been invaded by aliens.

Child:  Are you sure?

Me, crossing my arms and trying not to smile.

Child:  It could be that punch Grandma made at Thanksgiving.

Me:  Thanksgiving!  For God's Sake.  It's almost
Halloween.  This stuff has been under your bed for almost a year.

Child:  Geez, Mom.   We need a better cleaning lady.

Me:   Very funny.

I've been the "cleaning lady" for the past year.
I hold my nose and carry it to the kitchen, prepared to dump the contents and rinse out my mug.  After all, it was one of my favorites. But then I change my mind and dump the whole thing into the kitchen trash. God only knows what kind of germs are  imbedded in the porcelain.    Grimacing,  I carry the trash bag outside. And toss the whole thing into garbage.


I'm sure this sounds familiar to all of you with school aged kids.  Who hasn't found old food and drinks shoved under the bed or inside drawers?  These edible items are not left to rot intentionally, but a little more awareness on the part of my daughter would have been nice.

She's totally aware of my actions now.

Child:  Wait!  Mom.  Don't throw it out.  I can use it for the science fair.   I could say I was seeing how long it takes liquid to become a solid.

Me:  Let's not.  We have of a book experiments we can choose from.

Child:  Can we start today?

I smile at her.  I'm not going to let this thing in my hand keep living.  No way.  But I may be breeding a future scientist in our family.    

And that is something I'll nourish forever.

Love it

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