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This morning I logged on here and was able to catch up on a few posts before the site went down. But one of the posts was like elevator music in my head all day. Angela, aka pureromancelady, made a community post about the choices we make in men. As I read her words my heart opened for her but then as I read the responses I became accutely aware of my own choosing process in the area of love and relationships.

I wrote that my own choices have been like a movie with an endless stream of sequels. The plot has been more or less the same. I’ve basically chosen the same type of man over and over with new packaging along the way, re-gifting as I described it.

But, if I look at any areas of discontent in my marriage and in my life in general I see that the same issues, unresolved issues that is, have been the static cling that has stuck with me for more than 20 years.


So, while it was difficult to get this zinger this morning, I have such a peaceful feeling right now about what I have to do to resolve these issues. And, what feels even better is, I see that I’m already making the changes that bring me in that direction. What a confirming feeling that is.

As I read the wonderful blogs and posts here and contribute where I feel either compelled, qualified or drawn, the unforseen bonus is that, in reading the words of others, some of the clogged tributaries in my own psyche have been opened and cleared of debris.

10 years of therapy in my 20’s couldn’t even do that!

I joined this site this past summer and quite honestly I don’t even remember how I found it, but I’m awfully glad I did. Thank you, fab40 women, for contributing to all of our lives whether deliberately or by happenstance.


Member Comments

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      Yana Berlin wrote Nov 7, 2008
    • I hear you girlfriend. We all have our patterns in life, once we are aware of them we can change and move on.

      That’s my beef with therapy, you never move on because they always find something new to talk about, where we girlfriends just say it how it is....sometimes it’s painful, sometimes it’s uplifting and empowering, and sometimes it’s just necessary.

      It’s the power of girlfriends!!!!

      Great post.

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      Linni wrote Nov 7, 2008
    • I agree with you both!

      i read a post on here oneday, and as i finished, it was like WOW! i understand my problem! its so awsome that we women can cometogether in love and peace, and give each other expirence, strength, and hope!

      i love you ladies, and am proud to call you all friend!

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      Feathermaye wrote Nov 7, 2008
    • Cynthia, I’m always touched by your soft-spoken grace.  

      Your contributions, whether by blog or by conversation after the blog, is always genuine, no matter what the topic. I always know that if I get the message “chocolatier has commented on [XX]“, I’m going to enjoy what you have to say.

      Besides, therapy’s expensive!! ;)

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      Darla5 wrote Nov 7, 2008
    • Cynthia,

      I love the way you write. Your grace and charm is just so evident to me.

      Funny isn’t it, twenty years it takes to get that “Oh” moment. It is a great feeling isn’t it? It gives us a freedom that we have never known.

      I am like you on the same guy...different package. When I was much younger I found myself always having the same feeing after I was in a relationship for awhile. Unrest, Uneasy.

      My “Oh” moment was the day that I figured out that I am responsible for my own happiness. A man is not going to bring me true happiness  or a material possession, etc.

      God made me to be happy and to bring happiness to other people lives. The key to my happiness lies inside of me ,I have to unlock it and I will find this is a great world.

      I have my  bad days as we all do.  NOW, more than ever I try to fill my mind with positive thoughts. I have a beautiful mahagony box that has my name ingraved on it. In it lies letters from loved ones, Inspiritional quotes and pieces I found in magazines that feed my soul.

      It is a great reminder of how wonderful this life is when I have my down moments.  

      May our next 40 years be our best yet! I am so thrilled for your “OH” moment.

      Thanks for sharing another part of you. The gracefully lady that I have more respect for each day I have been on here.

      Have a good night Cynthia!

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      Bobbi Bacha wrote Nov 7, 2008
    • Darla, I agree, the therapy of this group and energy is amazing.

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      Cheryl Phillips wrote Nov 7, 2008
    • You are so great, Cynthia. Always great posts and heartfelt comments. Even the comments you make on my personal blog are genuine. I’m positive we’ve all benefited from this site in one way or another! There’s strength in numbers! :)

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