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Starting the new year is a tremendous experience as it brings up the “resolutions” and things we want to have happen.

We can write down all of our goals and say, “This is what I want,” and then wonder why when the following new year comes around that the same goals are there.  

What happened???

There is one key thing that will get you what you want and that is changing your thoughts, and you‘re probably saying, “Yikes, how in the heck do I do this?”

When we were born, we came with everything that we need to manifest our desires.  It’s the way that God intended as He created us to be solely...or soully....reliant on our innate abilities.

Think about it....

We came fully equipped with imagination, pretending, dreaming, laughter and playfulness.  We lived in this realm as children because it was already KNOWN.  We didn’t need to take a class to learn these things.  It is who we are and the joy that exists because we live in this beingness is exactly what is intended.    

Then what happened to these innate abilities?

We made a decision early on in grade school to “buy in” to someone else’s beliefs, someone else’s standards and then adopted these as our own.  We went through the entire adoption process and took on someone else’s persona and forgot our own uniqueness.  

Over time, we covered up who we really are.  Yet, it was all “just a cover up.”

Now, we can uncover and open up into those gifts we were born with.  

There is no need to belabor everything that we “think” went wrong in our childhood and in our life before NOW.  That will not get us what we want, right?

That only keeps us stuck in what we don’t want.  The former cheerleader in me shouts, “What do we want?”

Begin uncovering the imagination that is within.  If you haven’t used it in a while to get what you want, it may be a little rusty.

You may have done a great job using the imagination to get what you don’t want, and so you know how to use it.

Now, you‘re just going to tweak it a little to only imagine, pretend and bring everything you want from the invisible to the visible.  

Go ahead and imagine, pretend and actively live in the life you want.  Then see what comes about naturally as you do this moment by moment.

Let’s use an example....

I want to take my entire family to Hawaii and pay for all of it.  Thus, every moment I’m using my imagination to feel this already occurring.

I’m seeing us on the airplane, imagining our conversations and laughing.  Then I’m seeing us at the hotel and seeing the ocean view from our rooms and then hitting the beach.  The sounds of the waves are relaxing and the water is aqua, and we can see the fish swimming around us as we play in the water.  We are having a blast laughing!  Let’s not forget the Cabana boys bringing drinks to me.  

You get what I’m saying....

The point is to get lost in the imagination and not go to the logic side that says, “How is this going to happen?  I don’t have the money.”

You don’t know how and that’s not what you want to focus on.  Your only vibrational goal is to “be” in that state of pretending.  

Imagine it and put the detail in it, and actively live in that realm.  

What women want is to manifest what we want, and the imagination will do exactly this.  

By the way, I read a book recently called Illusions and the author said that when the Bible was written, faith was the best word to use to actively bring about what you want.  Yet, faith and imagination are synonymous.  

I personally cannot wrap my brain around “faith.”  Just have faith does not resonate with me.  I understand it, yet I didn’t know how to use it to its full potential.

Thus, when I use imagination, then everything changes.  I KNOW how to imagine and pretend, and use this innate gift to get what I want.  

If you desire to sell your house, you can e-mail me as I used my imagination just last month to sell mine.  I imagined everything, including the people and conversations, and I closed the transaction in less than 30 days.  

Ladies, use what you were born with to get what you want, and watch the magic begin.



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