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It seems to me that with all our technological wonders, we've lost the sense of language. Words of communication, of specific root meanings and application, have all dissolved into a conglomeration of rhetorical soup meaning nothing specific at all. The very core of societal ideals and values has faded into an oblivion of self-serving agenda.  

It was reported this morning on CNN that the proposed Economic Recovery bill, more commonly referred to as a 'stimulus package', up for vote in the House of Representatives today contains 647 pages! As a writer of a 387 page novel, and as an editor, my first reaction was . . . Cut! Cut! Cut! No 'about to vote' member of this austere (er...choke) body could possibly be fully aware of the meaning and content of this proposed document with that much rhetoric to assimilate. In turn, that tells me that each participant is merely making sure their own 'agenda' is included, or not, if one happens to oppose it. And, this document has been created in a week? Impossible! It often takes me that long to 'create' a somewhat intelligent column for Fabulously 40 with facts and figures changing hourly!

The debate, and debate isn't a bad thing, seems to be stemming from disagreement on just what will stimulate a 'jump start' effect on the economy and what parts are more long term investments with the aroma of pork. The other issue of discord is the amount, and to whom, regarding tax cuts. This is where my brain starts blowing circuits, logical and reasonable person that I assume I am. Perhaps, that is an errant assumption.

Throughout the recent campaign, we've heard that the tax cuts and out of control spending of the previous administration were a major contributor to the ever-increasing debt as we have borrowed trillions from foreign governments to pay for our wars and shortfalls. If we as a nation, are patterned on a system of free enterprise and our government is supported by the people through a system of taxation based on income and the costs and services government provides, how can we continue to cut taxes and spend more? I've tried this with my household budget and it simply doesn't work. Without jobs, there will be no income to tax! What are we going to do if our debtors decide to call in their debt when our consumerism can no longer feed the global exports of our debtors; which is what inspires them to lend to us and make sure our heads are still above water in the first place? We are, in fact, the world’s leader in consumption. Is anyone else confused yet? Is it me?

I am an ardent supporter of the Arts and Planned Parenthood, but honestly, is their funding in a 'jump start stimulus' going to create a job in the next quarter? Is another $500 stimulus check or a tax rate decrease that trickles in over months, going to inspire me to buy that new computer I desperately need so I can continue to help feed the export mindset of China and Japan? Is yet another borrowed pittance from the Federal Government going to provide relief from the ever-rising state and local assessments? No. At best, that will only postpone the 'crash' for another month or two if I'm behind in my payments. We need jobs to jump start the tax revenue base, not more cuts. If folks are working, they will be more able to support the so deserved needs and services of local communities and charities with private donations. We do have millions of caring and generous people out here in the trenches.

Are corporate tax cuts going to jump start production and jobs or are satisfying the supply and demand of responsible consumers going to force wholesome competition again? Something tells me that more corporate tax cuts will go into more bonus checks and office renovation for their supreme commanders. Possibly, I've grown cynical.

If the huge financial corporations know up front that their greed and poor judgment will not be bailed out by the masses so that CEO's can remodel their chambers with $68,000 dollar chairs, and politicians can hire PR firms to promote their delusions, only the honest and successful will survive. If corporate connivers and thieves and dirty politicians are sent to jail sans luxurious quarters instead of slapped on the wrist after interminable journeys through a justice system that is almost as corrupt as the criminals, perhaps dishonesty would decline and we'd start believing in integrity again. And, yes, if the common folk, too, resort their priorities and take personal responsibility seriously, we shouldn't need 647 pages of rhetoric. It could be summed up succinctly, and equitably, in about 64.  

And maybe, 'tis I who suffers from delusions.

Susan Haley, Author


Member Comments

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      Waxwing wrote Jan 30, 2009
    • YUP, and you probably wrote this before hearing the news yesterday the Wall Street ( One street alone in NY ) gave over $18 billion in BONUSES while asking the government ( ie taxpayers ) for help  !!

      What is going on ?????  I also found out yesterday, that part of the plan will help people restructure home mortgage principle by a bankruptcy judge, I am ok with that, but - get this - it is ALDEADY legal, and has been for years, to do so on a vacation home ! So all those greedy dishonest people can lower their vacation homes’ principal already !

      I am just too sick about the whole thing. I wish everyone could just work together and stop thinking ” what’s in for me“.

      I am not sure that the language is so convoluted as it voluminous : everyone has to have a paragraph in there with their name on it.

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    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Bobbi Bacha wrote Jan 30, 2009
    • The banks are getting all these bail outs and not giving them in loans to people who need them to help stimulate the economy, I agree, there is a problem, and the bailouts have not worked.  I heard an analyst say that this is the time for healthy companies to survive and others to become extinct and survival of the fittest company.. I tend to agree.

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