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Love it

What's our purpose in life?  What are we here to do?  Where can we find our bliss?  What is our gift?

These questions and many others come up for most of us at some point in life, and oftentimes plague us to the point of frustration, or even depression as we live day after day wondering when we are going to make sense to ourselves and live a meaningful life.  

We each know that we have some special quality within us that we have to share, but determining what the gift is can create emotional havoc as we search and explore for that space and place where we feel fulfilled.

According to Oprah Winfrey,  every person has a purpose.  Aquarian, Oprah, says, “It’s not that I’ve always known who I would be.  It was just very clear to me from an early age who I wouldn’t be.”

The oak tree is in the acorn

We all come into this life with gifts to give and qualities to share. These gifts and qualities can remain a mystery to us until our inner vision is no longer obscured by our stories.

Sometimes, our misperceptions about who we are and our place in the universe interfere with the spiritual impulses that attempt to assist us as we journey into new realms of existence.  Our understandings become like the static between radio stations – fuzzy and indiscernible, until our reception clears through practices such as meditation, prayer and other holistic wellness routines.

Help comes in all forms and from a variety of sources once we ask, but, we must ask.

Sometimes, we are afraid to ask God/Life what our purpose is for fear that we won't like the answer!  

God/Life doesn't want to make an accountant out of a musician any more than the soul whose whole being is moved through music wants to be stuck behind a calculator all day.  Does the acorn worry that it may instead become a cactus rather than an oak tree?

Luke and his crew remind us to, "Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you."  Very unfuzzy and quite discernable wisdom.

The Twelve Initiations of Love

Almost everyone interested in astrology has at least one of Linda Goodman's insightful and delightful works on the subject.  

Aries, Linda, loved the mystical implications of astrology and translates the metaphysical meanings of these ancient symbols with an extraordinary intuitive aptitude.

Each of the twelve Zodiac signs comes into this life with a zodiacal purpose that only that Sun sign can provide.  

In a recent article, we learned that the five positive qualities of each Sun sign are intended to represent the purpose each of us has as we find more and more opportunities to express these innate qualities and give back to life the gifts we've been given to share with life.  

Expression of our positive qualities leads us to our divine purpose and mission as described by Linda for each of the Zodiac signs in her invaluable work, Love Signs.

The mission of Aries is to lead in an inspirational, aggressive, dynamic and idealistic manner.

The soul of Aries knows the gift it teaches is that love is innocence.  In, The Quiet Answer, Aquarian, Hugh Prather says, " have any hope of happiness, we must first recognize those times we are afraid of the innocence in others."  The first step in this, Aries, is to know that love is trust.  This is your cosmic lesson.  In order to trust, we must accept our own innocence and then, we will automatically recognize it in others.

The mission of Taurus is to organize in a material, secretive, reflective and strategic manner.  

The gift that the Taurus soul brings is that love is patience.  Your lesson, dear Bull, is that love is forgiveness.  Learn to let go and you learn to forgive.  Letting go and forgiving is for you...not the one you forgive.

The mission of Gemini is to communicate in a mental, aggressive, dynamic, and idealistic manner.  

The gift that the Gemini soul brings to teach is that love is awareness.  In order to see rightly, however, we must see with our heart and allow its vision to be our guide.  For this to occur, Gemini, the lesson for you to learn is that love is feeling.

The mission of Cancer is to lead in a sensitive, secretive, reflective, and strategic manner.  

The gift of Cancer is that love is devotion.  A plant must be watered, but it must also be allowed the space to grow.  The lesson, therefore, dear Cancer, is that love is freedom.  The greatest gift a parent gives a child is wings to soar through life without them, and so it is with those whom Cancer holds dear.  Freedom is the highest form of devotion for it recognizes that God doesn't need any help organizing the universe.

The mission of Leo is to organize in an inspirational, aggressive, dynamic and idealistic manner.  

Leo teaches us that love is ecstasy.  As we surrender to the currents of love’s flow, we are submitting to its power and it is here that the Leo soul must learn that love is humility.  Pride stands in front of the heart, not in it.

The mission of Virgo is to communicate in a material, secretive, reflective and strategic manner.  

The gift that Virgo brings to the world is the knowing that love is pure.  Purity comes through emptying our being of toxins (mental and physical), demons, and the fear-based thoughts that darken our path.  Nature abhors a vacuum so it immediately goes to work filling us with the love that is meant to live in us, and so the lesson the Virgo souls must learn is that love is fulfilling.

The mission of Libra is to lead in a mental, aggressive, dynamic and idealistic manner.  

Libra's gift is that love is beauty.  Beauty to the ego is quite subjective, but to the universe beauty comes forth naturally as we harmonize our energies to its vibration.  The lesson for Libra is that love is harmony.  Co-operating with others is the key to the divine unions we desire and harmonizing with others is what beautiful music is made from.

The mission of Scorpio is to organize in a sensitive, secretive, reflective and strategic manner.  

The soul of Scorpio knows its gift is that love is passion.  Passion is the intensity of experience we have when we are engaged in an activity or expression of feeling that is especially powerful. Sometimes that fierce abandon into the feeling realm is what Scorpio resists for it fears it may be consumed by the intensity and sense of vulnerability.  So, the lesson for Scorpio is that love is surrender.  Gibran states that, "God moves in passion and rests in reason."  Trust this, dear Scorpio.

The mission of Sagittarius is to communicate in an inspirational, aggressive, dynamic, and idealistic manner.  

The soul of Sagittarius knows its gift is that love is honesty.  Honesty of the moment doesn't necessarily translate into truth, so the lesson for Sagittarius to learn is that love is loyalty.

The mission of Capricorn is to lead in a material, secretive, reflective, and strategic manner.  

Capricorn's gift to teach in life is that love is wisdom.  We become the sage of our spiritual journey through the relinquishment of our small self, and the task here for Saturn's child is that love is unselfish.

The mission of Aquarius is to organize in a mental, aggressive, dynamic and idealistic manner.  

The gift of Aquarius is that love is tolerance.  The tendency for this energy pattern is to tolerate from a distance, so your lesson, dear Aquarius, is that love is oneness.

The mission of Pisces is to communicate in a sensitive, secretive, reflective, and strategic manner.  

The gift that Pisces teaches is that that love is compassion.  Your lesson, sweet Pisces, is to learn that love is all and so to realize at last that love is eternal.

Life is overflowing with wonderful mysteries and each of us is one of them.  Be yourself and your purpose will reveal itself when you are ready to embody it.

For more on holistic astrology, contact Holistic Wellness Center in Klamath Falls at:  541-205-3420.

Love it

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