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Love it

I was inspired to write the post by a blog that Neicy posted about negative energy.  It was a great article and it had me thinking...

“We are all energy beings so what type of energy do we carry around?”  

Well I made a short and quick “LaTosha list” below of personality categories about how we carry, use and exude energy.

The Vampire : Vampires are those energy seekers that suck the very life out of you.  You hate to see these people coming because they always leave you feeling tired and drained.  Usually they talk only about problems, negative things and other people.  They always (have the appearance) of seeking advice and support from you but they really want you to release the goods.....your energy.  They feed off your good vibes and the more you give the more they take!  They never deposit any positive energy in you they only take.  Matter of fact, they usually leave the conversation with you with a little more pep in their step while you want to go home, take a Tylenol and lay down.  

The Dumpster:  This is the person that doesn't take your energy as much as they dump all of their bad vibes and negative energy on you.  Usually they too are plagued by problem after problem and issue after issue.  As soon as you think you have helped them solve one comes ANOTHER and another one.  Sometimes after talking to them you start feeling depressed and weighed down about your own life.  They talk about their husband is no good and suddenly you feel like your husband is no-good.  They talk about how broke they are and all of of sudden the $100 in your hand is simply not enough to live. So now you start to panic.  Now you feel the enormous weight of life.  Misery loves company.  These people will dump as long as you receive.

The Igniter:  This is the person that has enough fire and energy to light your fire.  When they come around you feel energized and alive.  They remind you how much fire you hold.  They know how to protect their own flame and ignite something in others to get their flames burning.

The Flow:  This is the person that is always pretty even keel.  They usually allow the life energy source to flow through them.  They are pretty well balanced with their energy.  Sometimes it's higher than other times.  They are pretty comfortable with being in their won skin.  

The Combustible:   This is the person that has tremendous energy but has not quite mastered the use of it's power.  They can set things off at the drop of a hat and burn the house down over a small issue.  They are usually full of passion and life force but can smother and even burn the life out of everything around them.  They don't take energy directly from other people but to stay around them one has to exert TOO much energy just to keep from being controlled by them.  They leave people feeling exhausted, tired and attacked.  They can only see their own life force and not respect the space of others.

The Low-Voltage : This is the person that has energy so low that you aren't sure they are really alive.  They walk around like zombies.  They don't take energy but neither do they ever give energy.  They seem to only occupy time and space.  They are usually self absorbed to the point of indifference. Every once in a while you may think the light is going to turn completely off and then you see a little flicker of hope...but only for a few seconds.  Then it's back to out of space again.   Depending on who you are these people can be great to be around or a serious challenge.

Well that is my quick "Tosha list". What is your energy personality today?

Love it

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