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“Hey! Where the heck did my butt go?”  I’ve tried on 12 pairs of jeans and none of them hug my butt like they used to. And, the skin under my arms just won’t adhere to that muscle I know must be hiding there.

  So, another “life change” to deal with.  I can handle it. I just have to change my fitness goals.  It used to be cute and curvy when I was thirty.  Now, I guess its “healthy and strong...forty and beyond“.  

  I’ve done some research, and keep coming up with the same threads.  Fabulously forty women need three things to stay healthy and strong, hard exercise, outstanding food choices and relaxation.  Personally, I prefer the third one the most.  But, apparently exercising has to become part of life from here on out. (a daily event, like brushing my teeth).  I have to focus on three areas; cardio, strength and flexibility.  I have two of them covered.  I like to run.  Now, I just have to do it every day.  Yoga is great, too.  I bought some tapes to supplement my trips to my yoga classes.  Now, I just need to find some sort of strength training...yikes! What am I up to, 2 hours a day of exercise.

     I think I have the food thing covered.  I have come to love fruits and vegetables.  I read The China Study, a book that details the diet that is the best for longevity. Basically, I just have to eat plants and leave the animals alone.  

    AHHH now the relaxation part.  Apparently, from my research I have found that certain yoga practices actually increase my relaxation as well as my flexibility.  And, getting eight hours of sleep a night is suppose to be key.  Now if I could get rid of all stress (RIGHT)I would be on the road to success. Oh! I almost forgot the eight glasses of water a day thing. I’ve heard that since I I can’t remember.  Oh well, I guess if I want to live to be 100, I guess I better start sooner as opposed to later.

  Have a great week!


Member Comments

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      (華娃娃) ChinaDoll wrote Mar 22, 2009
    • Thank you Kali.  In fact, I was thinking of this today.  Where do I start?  Obviously I cannot start all at once and I need a step by step approach.  

      So do I drink more water first?  Exercise first?  More healthy food first?  ... I am pondering.  Meanwhile, relaxation sound good to me - “crouch potato” approach.  That’s vegetable.  Did it mention in The China Study???

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      Leeann wrote Mar 23, 2009
    • It’s funny I was asking myself the other day what happen to my butt , I need two toothpicks to bring it back up where it use to be !!! I guess I need to do that little exercise,where you pretend to sit down and then stand up!!! I guess better get started pretty darn soon. Many smiles!!

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      Bluerose wrote Mar 23, 2009
    • Are you still looking for your butt?  I think I have it!

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