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The local area in Pittsburgh, PA felt the windy effects left over from Hurricane Ike Sunday evening. Winds up to 79 mph caused damage across the area and left many without power.  Last night, while the leaves were flying here & there, the trees blowing wildly in the wind and sirens were continuously going off, my two young daughters became alarmed with fear.  Confidently, I lit several of my delightfully scented Mia Bella gourmet candles and reassured my girls that I had everything under control.  Once the delicious aroma begin filling our home, lights softly flickering to brighten up each room, my daughters sighed with relief.  I was very thankful that I had several clean burning candles on hand for this wind storm to prepare for a loss in electricity. Most of all, I am thankful my scented candles are not just ANY candle, but instead are healthy, vegetable/soy wax, cotton wick, longer, stronger burning candles with practically NO BLACK SOOT!  The best benefit of all is that Mia Bella candles have an AMAZING AROMA from the time you begin burning the candle straight through to the very end!  

Although we can never be sure when Mother Nature is going to turn our weather upside down, we can prepare ahead of time by having quality candles on hand for those unexpected moments when we lose electricity.  Sign up today on my candle website to win a FREE Mia Bella gourmet candle.  Go to [Link Removed]

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Member Comments

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      Bobbi Bacha wrote Sep 17, 2008
    • I live 27 miles from Galveston, Im a decendent of survivors of the 1900 storm and this storm, Hurricane Ike, is similar to the stories my ancestors told of the 1900 storm.

      I have roof leaks some forced rain and a fence panel down.

      But have electriciy, food and water.  I stayed during the storm and the wind and sounds were like a huge monster breathing hard, it made you hold your breath that the doors wouldnt fly open as they swelled inward.  Then it would stop and blow harder with a loud wail like it was alive.

      My hometown of Galveston, Port Arthur and Crystal Beach is devestated.  No homes, if homes survived, not water, No ice, no toilets, no electric, no food.  Its unlivable.

      So many displaced Islanders and Texans, but I am very proud that they have been doing what we allway do over the years, over all the storms and that is helping each other picking up debris, rebuilding, cleaning, being good nieghbors, and helping less able.

      The mayor should have evacuated the Island sooner but only evacuated the West End, it wasent till the next morning did she decide to evacuate the Island, day of storm and those on Port Bolivar by the time they got off work and home to families were trapped.  Many Islanders stayed on the Island by choice because the Rita Evacuation took most 24 hours on the road and they were still in Houston broken down and out of gas.  

      The seawall of Galveston, has saved the central part of Galveston once again.  

      And hats off the the Coast Guard, the Parks and Wildlife, Marines, Army, Navy, National Guard, Galveston Police, Security and Sheriffs Department and other Law Enforcement, FEMA and volunteers.  Rescues went on for several days and continues.

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      Dana Arcuri wrote Sep 18, 2008
    • Greeneyedlady, I am so sorry to hear of the devastating effect that Hurricane Ike has had on your hometown.  Two years ago, I had the opportunity to go on my first out of state outreach trip. I went with nine other Christians to Louisiana to minister to the victims of the Hurricane Katrina and Rita.  The missions group is called CONVOY OF HOPE,  whose purpose is to reach out to individuals and families who have experienced disasters,  lost their homes and are in need of help.  For one week,  the outreach group that I was with participated in volunteer work of painting houses,  construction work,  organizing and bagging non-parishable food for the food drive and participating in a prayer walk in Louisiana.  On my final day,  Convoy of Hope had a big event for the community.  Convoy of Hope provided children’s games,  prizes,  clowns,  live Christian music,  free food,  free groceries,  free haircuts,  free medical screenings and the opportunity to receive prayer from a ministry team.  As a Licensed Cosmetologist,  I volunteered to provide free haircuts. It was a memorable and wonderful experience that I am honored to have been a part of to reach out and touch the lives of others in a positive way.

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      Bobbi Bacha wrote Sep 18, 2008
    • Its such a mess now. Its going to take months to get some normal living, and years of repair.  

      There are hold outs and I was just talking to a Government official I know and he said he has counted 53 dead, but press is not reporting and the state is not telling at this time.  They think this will rise.

      God Bless You for your great deeds.

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      Dana Arcuri wrote Sep 18, 2008
    • What type of assistance is available for the residents in Texas?  I pray that the Government does not drag their feet and that outreach groups come forth to help.

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      Bobbi Bacha wrote Sep 19, 2008
    • My daughter tried to volunteer yesterday, Red Cross and other groups require you take a criminal background  investigation and a training program first.  My daughter was outragged as she was willing and wanting to  help the needy.  So anyone helping will have to come with a church or private org or undergoe volunteer programs with Red Cross / United Way / Etc.

      What is needed, Generators, Ice, Meat, Dairy, Produce, Canned or dry goods.  

      Ive been cooking hot meals from my home and feeding about 15 to 20 a day for Dinner.  Mostly family but we ask neighbors and friends and anyone in need.  I have two guest rooms for displaced both occupied now with family that does not have lights yet.  But will be open as soon as they go back home.

      Actually Fema did a great job, it was overwhelming in a different way.. the devestation to Galveston Port Arthur and Crystal Beach required immediate and 1st help.  Cities that were hit hard but not devestated were secondary like Houston and my area.  We are not homeless Galveston is.

      Imagine an entire Island of 45 thousand or more displaced and told to leave.. no money, no food, all thier possession Gone and un attainable.  Imagine those with no homes to return to even when Island is reopened ?  Its a mess.  Houston just needs Ice and generators.  Galveston needs homes and everything else.

      No feet dragging just overwhelming need.

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      Stacey Blanton wrote Nov 4, 2008
    • I am new to the site and your blog caught my eye. I am from ” The Golden Triangle ” which is Port Arthur, Beaumont and Orange/ Bridge City area. I just wanted to thank and bless you and all the others that leave the comfort of their homes , their jobs , their families to come and give helping hands, warm hugs , and words of encouragement. We were volunteering with Katrina evacuees  through our church with Operation Blessings when we had to evacuate for Rita This is the 2nd time we have been hit. First with Rita and now with Ike. We were blessed that our house is livable. My son in law’s family all live in Bridge City ( which is about 15 minutes from my home ). That community lost all their homes due to large feet’s of water in their homes. The sad part is this community was not considered a flood zone. 85  to 90 % did not have flood insurance. Now we are counting on FEMA. The city only had 14 houses that were livable. The population is around 9500 and that does not include the surrounding areas that were affected. Please be in prayer there are a lot of people who are becoming ill from pulling out all the mold from their homes and there are still people sleeping in tents  and in their cars waiting on FEMA to issue trailers.This city is your all American small town. There is just not enough housing, hotels, ect.. to go around. We went from my husband and myself - to a blessed 7 living in our home. Jonathan’s childhood house will never be the same but God gave us our wonderful mind with our memories that no one can ever take from us. Our Golden Tri community has pulled together and people we would normally just pass by have turned into ever lasting friendships. We serve an Awesome God.  Our God does not cause “bad” things to happen. God loves us and grieves with us in our pain when “bad things” happen. Thank you for your faithfulness.

      Seeking Him,


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