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Yes, fear can be the biggest “risk” we face when traveling the road to SUCCESS!

When I say that to women, they look at me with that “deer in the headlight” stare - then smirk as you say, “you’ve got to be kidding?”

I’m not kidding! Fear is the major reason we “stop short” of achieving the dreams and visions we have for a future that holds nothing but SUCCESS. While many of us also fear “failure“. . . we are just as likely to shy away from the actuality of making things happen that will lead to the fulfillment of our fondest desires. Thus we may miss what is our ultimate purpose for life.

I know from experience of what I speak. I too struggle with the other side of “fear” and that’s the side that whispers - “Well, what if you get there - then what?”

The “then what” may include loss of things we hold dear. Like a quiet private life! Like the loss of close friends or associates. Some folks just can’t stand it when friends make it to the “top“. . .wherever “top” happens to reside.

And believe it or not - if our SUCCESS plan includes financial gain, we may fear that as much as we desire it!

There’s an exercise we used to do in human relations training & small group process that can be helpful in getting a realistic handle on such fears. It’s called the WHAT IF.

On a slip of paper, make 3 colums. Entltle Number 1 as “THE WORST THAT CAN HAPPEN“. Number 2 is “THE BEST THAT CAN HAPPEN“. And Number 3 is “WHAT‘S MOST LIKELY TO HAPPEN“.

Number 1 will reveal our greatest fears and many of them will be a wee bit unrealistic. Number 2 will reveal our fondest desires, hopes, wishes, etc. Some of them will also be a wee bit unrealistic.

Number 3 is the “realism” column. It’s where we carve the fears down to size and end up with the ones that are easy to manage (now that we know what they are). And we also carve the “wows” to a realistic list we can easily handle.

In fact, as we carve both #1 and #2 down to size. . . the fears are often automatically “defeated” by the realism of #3. If what’s most likely to happen produces an “Oh, I can do that“. . . then fear has lost it’s place as an ogre on the path!

If you choose to engage in this fun (and it is fun) exercise. . .do it with a trusted friend! Someone who will keep you honest and your “feet to the fire“. In fact, do it together.

Then as you move forward with your SUCCESS plan, KNOW that “fear” will want to pop out from the sidelines on a regular basis. It just comes with the territory.

However, all you have to do is “speak” to it with words of affirmation. Remind yourself of the “most likely thing(s) that will happen” and fear will crawl back into the weeds & lick its wounds.

Try it! It does work. And the “what works” is what we need to include in our ‘09 SUCCESS plan.

Have an awesome day with no fear and the enthusiasm that propels you forward!

Much love,

Linda, a fellow journeyer


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