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Yes, it is. It is an attitude that we can cultivate so that it grows into a way of life. . . regardless of our circumstances. Some folks find it easier to do than others. Most likely that has to do with a person’s temperment than anything else. “Attitude” requires more than just ‘practice’ or ‘habit‘. It demands a mental shift and change of perspective. It also requires that we begin to look at things as all being under DAD’s charge & that nothing happens without His consent. . . even things that appear to be at the hands of another “dude“. If you don’t think so. . . read Job (I always thought “Job” was a woman!).

Let me give a personal example. Eight years ago, I began the recovery process from 4 years of battle with a group of folks who could only be described as greedy, evil-thinking folks. They harassed, intimidated and lied. . . continually for 4 long years. This series of high-stress events came to a halt mid 2000. After I emerged from hospitalization for what could have been critically dire circumstances, we made wise decisions with the support of the world’s greatest bank VP. And I made ready to move on. I moved back ‘home’ in the sense that I was only 5 miles from family rather than 88 miles one-way. We closed the business and let the bank handle the rest.

One day shortly after the decisions had been made, I was in the bathtub musing with PAPA. Suddenly out of my mouth rolled the following words - “Father thank you for what we’ve had to go through.” In that split second following the utterance of those words, the burden I had felt in my body simply vanished! Like a giant “swoosh“, it lifted from me. There were loads of tears of relief of course, but I knew that chapter of life (& learning) had passed. And more than that, I knew that DAD had accomplished a load of ‘stuff’ that otherwise would never have gotten done in the natural scheme of things. Oh there would be the practical things to attend to. . .but the spiritual and physical burden had left - was no more.

Where did those words come from? Well I can tell you they weren’t from Linda’s humanity - because Linda had days when she wanted to “kill“. They came from the Heart of my PAPA who knew exactly what needed to be said in order to be free of the rubbish that had piled up. And ‘free’ I was indeed.

As I reflect on that period of life for writing this post, I realize that the things that needed to go into place to bring me to where I am now would never have happened had we not had to go through that episode. I also know that the journey I thought was mine was not. . . and I had gotten away from the ‘plan‘. So a course-correction was necessary.

Hindsight is always 20-20! We can always see much clearer in the rearview mirror than the windshield ahead. But we can learn. . . . I mean really learn from these experiences. And we can when we‘re open to the Heart of the Father, get a glimpse of His perspective. And when we do, it all makes perfect sense (not in the practical) and fits like hand in glove.

It was my first ‘brush’ with “gratitude is an attitude“. He took care of the matter that day in the bathtub. Now I have to take care of it myself and remember to give thanks at all times because something positive is headed my way. It may not feel like it at the time. . . but life experience is teaching me that there truly is “light at the end of the tunnel“.

You know, I wouldn’t want to have to repeat that horrible (and I mean horrible) period of life. But because it led me here, I can rejoice that it had to take place. I rejoice even more that it is behind me. The point is that 4-year battle strengthened me. . . taught me more spiritually than I can even totally comprehend with my finite mind. And it led to what I believe is DAD’s ultimate purpose for me and my life. It led to a passion that He has been developing in me, probably since I was birthed.

And it has led to friends. . . .friends like all of you. Women I would never have met had it not been for the circituitous route He took me. I would not have the opportunities I have now to share, embrace, lead, teach and whatever else is laid before me.

So yes, “gratitude is an attitude“. . . one we must cultivate until it becomes so much a part of us that no matter what words we can eek out with a morsel of meaning when in the blackest hole, gratitude is the result.

What I’ve learned is that DAD so understands our frail humanity. And when all we can do is sob, hold our head or wring our hands. . . He comes along and accepts our weak human attempts at words of gratitude. And then adds the rest with Words of His own!

Be blessed in your day and say “thank you” at some point for what wonders we behold. Much love,

Linda, a fellow journeyer
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Member Comments

    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Marie Hempsey wrote Nov 23, 2008
    • Thank you! I am grateful for everything, everyday. Thank God! Now i am grateful for reading this!
      Have a great evening!
      ~ Ree

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    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      JoAnne Bassett wrote Nov 26, 2008
    • I did a wonderful gratitude meditation on Sunday.  I thought about what I was grateful for and then visualized a symbol for something I am grateful for.  Now everytime I want to go to the gratitude space I see this symbol.  For me it is a beautiful fragrant rose.

      Try is a reminder.


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    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Tjay wrote Nov 28, 2008
    • If you can practice gratitude everyday it will change your life.  Before you even crawl out of bed in the morning, list 10 things you are grateful for.  If practiced on a regular basis, your life will change.  Better yet, if you can, start a gratitude journal.  Even if you repeat, it doesn’t matter.  Gratitude makes a grateful heart.

            Report  Reply

    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      JoAnne Bassett wrote Nov 28, 2008
    • I also did a gratitude journal for years...Oprah show had Sarah B’s Gratitude book and journal program and I read that and followed up with the 5 things I was grateful for every day...It works.

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    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Steve Aka Bubba wrote Dec 18, 2008
    • Hello Linda,  

        I like that“Gratitude is an Attitude!“, It makes a person stop and think . And in this day and age, everyone is going sooo fast, most just don’t have time for that. I find the best thing that works for me is every night before I fall asleep, I just repeat a few words but they have helped me for a very long time. I repeat them and MEAN them. “Thank you lord, for another day of Living, and Loving”

       I hope you don’t mind that I am  55 yo man replying to this. I recently took a class with my Daughter and both her and my Professor have noticed a change in my total attitude toward women. For the better. Not that it was bad to start with but they both like the way I have been changing a lot of mens attitudes toward women. The class was very interesting and informative. I would like to say more but I’d better not turn this into a short book.  

        I just want to wish you a very wonderful and beautiful Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year.


            Report  Reply

    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Steve Aka Bubba wrote Dec 18, 2008
    • Sorry, I didn’t have a pic to go with this or my last

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    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Linda S Fitzgerald wrote Dec 18, 2008
    • Not a problem “Bubba“. . . glad you enjoyed my post!  I’ve been a wee bit busy and haven’t posted again, but will soon!  A Merry Christmas and safe celebration of the new year to you as well!

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