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How Safe are you really?
Do you know the Crime Rate in your area?
Do you work late?
Go to the maul at night?
Are you really Safe,you think you are?

Picture this you are home alone sleeping and all of a sudden you hear a noise that sounds like someone is in you home.You hear a soft whisper but don’t really know for sure.

Do you know what you are going to do besides FREEZE? Ok so that not the right answer.

Its time to WAKE UP!!!!
Now think of what you would really do if someone was in your home how would you get out. The worst feeling is that you don’t know what to do.
First thing is to get out of the house anyway you can.
Did you leave your keys next to your bed? Hit the alarm on your car NOW.

Do you have your pepper spray next to the bed?

Do you have a phone to call the cops at least?

What are you waiting for I know one thing you have the ability to do anything so just do it.

Get away before it is too late.

It’s time to get a Safety report and know what to do before it’s to late. We all know that Women are being attacked every day. Don’t wait to become a victim. Its to late by then sign up for our Newsletter today and Feel safe after the first email.

To get your Personal Safety Report
go to (Copy & Paste into your search box)
[Link Removed]  

Do it NOW it could save your life.

Womensafety, Your links have been removed, please consider upgrading to premium membership.


Member Comments

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      Mztracy wrote Nov 29, 2008
    • i have my bat, my cell phone, my glass door next to my bed to let my dogs in. But, I go nowhere without my kids. So if anyone comes in my home they had better be prepared!!

      Great tips too.

      Sadly not all cars have alarms, and most people do not care anyways when they hear them. But, the attacker will as noise is what they do not want.  

      Always walk a curve around open dark doors.
      Hold your keys between your fingers.

      Contrary to most, never aim for the ‘private’ parts. You miss they get pissed. Go for the eyes. Two fingers is all you need. Shove them in the eyes as far as you can, pain is enormous, the go for the adam’s apple. Hit hard and then not look back!!

      If they come up behind you and hands around your neck...raise your arms to the sky and twist. It will break their hand. Did it before....

      Be prepared!!

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    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Womensafety wrote Nov 30, 2008
    • Hello
      MZtracy I love the hat it looks so cute on you. Thanks for the head up on the private parts, eyes are the best you really need to just get away not stay around.
      Just make sure you test the pepper spray so you don’t get it in your eyes also.
      Its Snowing in NY I love it

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    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Mary Clark wrote Nov 30, 2008
    • I have pepper spray but I am seriously thinking of taking some type of self defense course.  

      I might even start practicing with my gun...and getting a state weapons permit.

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      Womensafety wrote Dec 6, 2008
    • Mary I am thinking of doing the same thing. You hear of so many horribly things that happen you can never be to safe.
      I can’t tell you how busy I am with home personal safety party’s I do at least 10 a week and need other girls to help me. The thing is personal safety products are no longer a luxury it is a needed.

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