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Corporate Downsize Adventure  

Judith: Becky, welcome to my blog. I am excited to learn more about you.  

Becky: I'm honored to be here. It's my pleasure.  

Judith: Becky, please tell my readers a little about you.  

Becky: I'm just a woman you might find anywhere. Born and raised in the Midwest, recently relocated to Northeastern Georgia and happy to be reacquainted with my brother, his family and a few dear friends. I'm starting my own business and enjoying my new kitten.  

Judith: When you think about all of your life changes Becky, which one would you like to share with my readers?  

Becky: The most dramatic change is my attitude toward my financial situation which has been quite recent. In a few short years, my income dropped to about a third of what it used to be. I still manage to have everything I need and I’m quite happy despite how it must look to someone looking at outer circumstances.  

Judith: You said your income dropped to a third yet your dramatic change was around your attitude. Could you tell us a bit more about how all of this occurred and how your attitude was effected?  

Becky: Sure. In retrospect, saying goodbye to 25+ years of corporate life was a blessing even though it truly sucked at the time. I'd been downsized 2 times before and never had a problem getting a job right away; it was a nice feeling to have a bit of freedom while I looked around. Months passed, the rejections kept coming, and then silence. I really had to take stock of my marketability and figure out how I could best make my way.
I’ve always known that abundance takes many forms other than money—health, relationships, self-love, for example. Once through my unemployment funds, it was clear that I couldn’t keep it together on the home front and life as I knew it was coming to a rapid close. My brother kept me afloat with mortgage money when I was desperately short, but it was time to move or be moved.  I'm currently living with my brother and grateful for his support.

Judith: It sounds like you have a very generous brother. You talked about the many different forms of abundance. One you spoke about jumped out at me and that was self-love. Was this showing up for you at this time in your life?  

Becky: Self-love was critical in seeing me through. The only thing showing up during this time was debt and despair. My girlfriends kept reminding me to spoil myself and to take care of me. I quickly realized my life wasn't over and in many ways, just beginning.  

Soon afterward I knew that I didn’t have to work for somebody else for money and resources to show up. In a time when my outer world was rapidly disintegrating, a new way of life and of thinking was unfolding. As for my brother, he's just making up from all the times he tried to kill me growing up! Yes, I owe him big time, but he also knows I'd do the same if the situation was reversed.  

Judith: When you say that self-love was critical in seeing you through it reminds me how when times are really tough people often do just the opposite. They let the worry and turmoil absorb every waking hour. You must have been personally aware of how important self-care was to your well being. It sounds like you were using the law of attraction for resources and money to be showing up. Could you tell us a bit about how that occurred?  

Becky: Thoughts are things, and self-love taught me to be mindful. I can't help what comes into my head because I'm part of the cosmic soup of consciousness, but I can help what stays in. If I didn't like the results, I kept refocusing on what I did want in my life. To be sure I had plenty of despair and tears, but I also experienced incredible joy and amazement.

I traveled to Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Burning Man festival and Cabo San Lucas—and the only one I paid for was the Grand Canyon trip. I worked the Burning Man festival so I made money. I returned from Vegas with $1,000, the Grand Canyon with $500. My brother shared a bit of his Christmas bonus and passed along $1,000. All of these were gifts and one from a woman I'd never met before. Isn't that incredible? None of these trips would've been possible if I was still working 8-5.

Judith: You opened yourself to what was possible and the love flowed in. Congratulations on such wonderful creating. You had shared with me that you had a good friend who was a coach that helped you through. Was that important to your ability to stay positive?  

Becky: Absolutely. Having a coach to lean on and process with was key. If my arm was broken, I'd find the money to fix it. My life was breaking and my bag of tricks wasn't working. Family and friends love me, but I needed objectivity and somebody skilled to lead me to my best answers. Besides, this economy as well as this time in history is bringing incredible challenges to everyone so getting another compass was crucial to me.

Judith: As many of my readers are facing tough times, just like yours, what would you most like to say to them?  

Becky: It will be the best of times and the worst of times. Give yourself permission to grieve your losses but know there will also be tears of joy when you realize how free you really are. You may not believe it at the time, but I promise that the potentials waiting are amazing if you allow them in. Turn off the TV and take a walk. Embrace the change because it's coming anyway. Find the gift.

Judith: Thank you so much Becky for modeling for us a courageous woman who has learned to allow life to unfold. I encourage all my readers to embrace their own change and be open to all that is possible !  

Tell me a little about what you are doing now and how my readers can contact you.  

I'm currently working part-time as a Virtual Assistant (website in process) while I develop an online class for women (The Authentic Goddess) as well as a fun book project with a few friends about an ethereal cat who guards the Atlantean Crystal Mines. I also write a semi-regular column for Spectrum of Light ezine [Link Removed]

_"I think these difficult times have helped me to understand better than before how infinitely rich and beautiful life is in every way and that so many things that one goes around worrying about are of no importance whatsoever."_

_Isak Dinesen (1885 - 1962), Danish Author_  

Becky Hannah at Burning Man Festival  

Interview by Judith Geiger
Personal Success Coach
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