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Maggie Goes "Green"  

Maggie Gilson is an active, interesting 62 year old retired woman looking for another vocation to keep her busy for the next 20 years or so.  

Judith:  Welcome to my blog Maggie. I know you to be a very strong woman who has dealt with many changes. I would love to hear a bit about your journey and how you were led to be here in Skaneateles, New York.  

Maggie: One year ago John called from Detroit and asked what I thought of Syracuse. He said, "Chance of a lifetime."  I said, "At our age, take it."  Two weeks later I moved to Skaneateles and we started a magnificent adventure, in a quaint little village, far away from our children and grandchildren and never-ending board meetings. Since 1975 I owned 4 businesses in Michigan, including a construction company, a golf course, a lounge and a catering company. The burn out got to me, and my husband and I decided to sell out and switch gears. We retired for three years and traveled extensively with our grandchildren, and each other, but soon realized that we were too young to be retired. While John returned to the work force, it was shocking and shattering to me to be unable to find a decent position. Now, I am focusing on changing my situation to one of opportunity and fulfillment.  

Judith:   I can only imagine the tenacity and hard work that must have been part of your everyday life. It is absolutely fabulous that you are looking for opportunity and fulfillment now. You have 62 years of amazing life experience that has made you a very valuable resource. This is a time in your life when you can take advantage of being able to pick and choose those jobs that truly bring you joy! Do you have a sense of what type of work that might be?

Maggie:  I was always a creative person, designing and making my first outfit while in the third grade. My first purchased dress after that was my wedding dress.  I used my creativity in my businesses, from creating new and visionary ad campaigns, to cooking beautiful presentations for 400 people, to inventing interesting cocktails, and creating beautiful flower beds on our golf course, while building a new home and marketing property that we have in the area. I hadn't thought how really creative I was until I started putting it all down on paper.  

Judith:  I find that is often true with my clients also. When they take the time to put on paper what is important to them versus just being an abstract thought in their mind, it often offers a new perspective. Now that you are seeing how creative you really are what else do you think you would like to pursue in a new career or should we say a new adventure?

Maggie:  I also knit, design needlepoint pillows and rugs, and my favorite pastime, designing and knitting and sewing wardrobes for 18" dolls, (American Girl and Springfield.)  My perfect vocation would be able to operate a business that would include lessons, patterns, tips and finished items. This may be on the internet or a bricks and mortar facility.  I have been my own boss for so long, I think a craft shop would be difficult, unless I owned it. I believe there are hundreds of creative women looking for an outlet for their products. I want to harness it, and make some money in the process.  I also believe in "Green."  Recycle, reuse and rebuild. The wave of the future.

Judith:  Now you are touching something very close to my heart when you talk about green careers! I am wondering if there is a way to tap into the perfect vocation you spoke about and include "Green". What might that look like? Here is a wonderful website that you might be interested in: Green Career Central.  

Maggie:  I am amazed by the vast amount of "stuff" everyone has accumulated during their lives. It is very apparent when we see the number of storage units across the country.  With our struggling economy, it is time to start using up our resources and tapping into our supplies to help others and simplify our lives. By eliminating unnecessary items in our lives, we free ourselves from so many burdens. It is simply enlightening and renewing. All those with unused resources in their lives should consider "downsizing."

Judith:  I so agree! When we do all of the wonderful things you are talking about Maggie we not only help our planet and each other but we also get a real sense of freedom that comes from de-cluttering. This allows space for more good things to come into our lives!

Maggie:  My goal is to be available for women who want to downsize and recycle their possessions for profit.  I see the "green" aspect in reusing perfectly good items and not buying something else.

Judith:  Thank you so much for your caring spirit and all of the good work you are doing. It has been a real pleasure to have you here today! If anyone is interested in talking with Maggie about her services please contact Coach Judith by email or call 315 497 3059 and I will be happy to pass the information on to Maggie. She is currently in Skaneateles, New York and will be returning to Michigan later this summer or early fall. We will miss you!

View Maggie's photos at my blog.

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