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“What does she mean,” you may be asking yourself?

“Connecting the Dots” is an expression we use to define the ability to “see” the whole picture rather than bits n’ pieces. As a Gestaltist by nature (the whole is more than the sum of the parts), connecting the dots comes quite natural to me. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be learned by those for whom it is not a part of their DNA.

Regardless of how we view the world spiritually - it’s a fact that everything is connected in some way. Almost every philosophical or spiritual discipline admits to this. There is no such thing as an “accident” or “coincidence“. Everything in the universe is ordered & orderly. We simply don’t see it that way with our limited (or finite) mental capacities.

That being said, it’s critical that - to achieve the SUCCESS we desire - we must learn to “connect the dots“. Otherwise, we will see occurrences in our lives as seperate, distinct episodes that have nothing to do with something else in our lives. And that can be tragic! Tragic because we may miss the meaning in opportunities that come our way. . . opportunities that are linked together like the cars on a train.

I’ll give you an example. Some months ago, I was having conversation with a woman who has great leadership skills and has started a new business based on one of her passions. I asked her to take a leadership role with one of our AWI neighborhoods. There was a moment’s hesitation! She began to express a concern that to do so would take her focus (and energy) away from building her business.

“Look, what if I said that you can do both? That you can build your business while promoting & building AWI? Women you go out to meet as great candidates for AWI may also be good candidates for what you are doing in your business. The 2 can run side by side without sacrificing either!”

Again the moment of hesitation. I could see the wheels of her brain rolling that thought over & over. Then the lightbulb dawned!

She had “connected the dots” in her mind and what I said suddently made sense to her!

As women, we are great multi-taskers. You know, doing several things at once. When we do so, it’s a form of “connecting the dots“. We ‘see’ how one thing can lead to another or one task can help complete another. It’s as simple as that to “connect the dots“.

Since our motto and focus for ‘09 is S.U.C.C.E.S.S. for us all; connecting the dots becomes a very important aspect of achieving the success we choose to have. Opportunities will come to us “piecemeal” - rarely all at once. We have to learn to see how one such opportunity can lead to the next and how one fits into the “whole” that we want when we ‘arrive‘.

As we progress through this year, we’ll talk much about SUCCESS. We’ll look at roadmaps for achieving it; pathways and tracks that will get us there. We’ll look at the skills we already possess as part of the plan; and we’ll see where we need the help of others who have skills we haven’t yet perfected.

For the time being, take pad & pencil and begin a list of what you would define as “SUCCESS” in the different arenas of life. Don’t just focus on your business or career. Look at every aspect and then WRITE DOWN the SUCCESSES you choose to achieve in each area. (Basically, it becomes a “to do” list).

You’ll have to determine for yourself what has to happen in these various areas for you to push back from the table and say, . . . “ah, success!”

When you’ve done that, you‘re ready to join us in “connecting the dots” that will arrive on the scene once you step onto the path that will take you from point “A” to point “B“. From the point of “entry” to the point of “SUCCESS“. It won’t happen overnight and it will require diligence on your part.

But once you join the ‘crowd’ of women on the same road (the one marked “ROAD to SUCCESS - 10 MILES“), we’ll help you start “connecting the dots” that will get you there.

Have an awesome day, shining with golden opportunities to connect dots,

Linda, a fellow journeyer


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