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It’s more than the sum of the parts. Any good Gestaltist knows that. In the case of searching for our authentic self, finding our core being is more than the sum of the parts.

Sounds a bit esoteric! I don’t mean it to be. I’ve broached the subject today because the Covey book (“The Speed of Trust“) talks first about “self-trust“. And that learning to trust ourselves is part n’ parcel of our personal & professional integrity. BTW - the word “integrity” means “whole“. And when we are “whole“, we are congruent - the same inside as outside.

When I was younger, I wouldn’t dare let others see the ‘real me‘. As if I knew who the ‘real’ me was - I didn’t! It took time and life events to begin the process of stripping away the inauthentic person (our ‘persona‘) to reveal someone who was comfortable with internal ‘blemishes’ & ‘scars‘. Not that I’m totally so at this point in life - but at least I can laugh at my foibles & chuckle when I think of the facade of perfection I used to put on everytime I went out of the house. How I loved it when folks remarked how perfect my daughter’s behaved in church or how their socks were lined up in the drawers(color-coded too I might add!).

As if that was the measure of ‘me‘!

When it comes to the marketplace, it’s so much easier to be who we are - than who we think others want us to be. One of our women at THE STATION made the comment that true freedom is the freedom to be our authentic selves! No truer statement.

But discovering the person we truly are is no easy task. It often takes years and a number of life situations to get us to drop the masks we are so fond of wearing. After all, we are inclined to believe that if others knew who we really are - they wouldn’t like us! In terms of owning a business or pursuing a profession; it’s important that others like us. At least the products or services we represent.

The truth is that others do business with or promote us because they like us - who we are as a person! We may have the greatest new gadget to come down the pike in decades, but if we don’t have a level of credibility with them - it won’t matter.

And credibility comes from - you guessed it - trust!. And trust begins when we trust ourselves enough to let go of what others think & live in our own skin with the ease of old, faded jeans!

How do we get to the whole that is more than the sum of our parts? We get there by taking time to self-reflect. In a society where instant is the norm - it takes real discipline to turn our attention inward. It also takes the loving candor of family & close friends. The folks who love us enough to tell us when we have a “zit” on our soul!

For some women, on again-off again counseling keeps us on track with the self-discovery process. I don’t mean “mental health counseling“, but the kind of counsel that is more peer to peer than therapist to client. Others always see the speck in our eye much better than we do. And when we are open to have that ‘speck’ laid out for us to examine - we grow into our authentic self much faster.

What you might ask, does all this have to do with the motto we are pursuing this year? Everything! SUCCESS is largely dependent on the decisions we make ONCE we’ve determined to be SUCCESSFUL. It is a choice after all, and we decided that early last month. And success rarely alludes those who are authentically themselves. It may not be huge financial gains - but it is the success that brings the best life has to offer.

It brings folks who are drawn to our authenticity. They want to be around us. Associate with us & be known as our associate. They want what we have. And oftentimes, they want what we offer them.

And they “trust” us. They trust that we won’t be one thing one day & something else another day. They tell others how credible and trustworthy we are. And they suggest that doing business with us is a good thing!

Lest you think I’ve gone to therapizing - don’t. Anyone who’s successful at achieving their fondest hopes & dreams will tell you that letting the ‘real you’ out of prison is the first step on the journey to achieving your hopes & dreams.

It’s early in the year & plenty of time to begin the uncovering process. If you think there might be a “zit” somewhere that needs attention - don’t wait to apply a little self-discovery salve & move the mask a little further from the face!

Ah, I smell spring & warm balmy breezes in the air! Let this be a day of fresh discovery for the week ahead. Much love,

Linda, a fellow journeyer
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