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All of us have a level of expertise in something! We may not realize it or even think so - but we do. There is an area or 2 (perhaps more) in which we have more knowledge, experience, wisdom & insight than the ‘average bear‘.

So why are we not using it? I believe the politically correct expression is “leveraging“. Why are we not leveraging our expertise for the benefit of others? In ways that will ultimately benefit us as well!

Men do it all the time. They speak out on some subject, defining themselves as an “expert” whether they are or not. They don’t hesitate to let it “all hang out” in terms of what they know; have learned or are learning.

So why don’t we as women do the same?

Well the thrust of this post is not to psychoanalyze our reluctance to do so. I’m taking the tact that we know we are experts at something & am going to tell you why it’s important to “let our expertise hang out“.

“Expertise” became a general phenomenon with the explosion of social media or social networking. It started with the eruption of the internet as a global experience, but really came into it’s own as we sought out My Space; Facebook; Twitter; Ning, etc. etc!

Savvy folks in cybersphere began to ride the tsunami by writing articles & posting them to the proliferation of ‘article directories’ that exist. The more one wrote - the greater the exposure. The greater the ‘exposure’ - the more one was seen as an “expert” author in at least one life area.

And us ‘common folk’ began to follow the “experts” populating the algorithms! Thus folks in little known corners of the world suddenly became celebs by virture of their ‘status’ as an ‘expert’ in certain venues.

Yes, some of these folks have expertise in areas we haven’t yet heard of - let alone possess a morsel of understanding.

But most of us have more than a morsel of knowledge & wisdom in specific areas which would make us an “expert” if we allowed ourselves the luxury of owning the title.

How do we do that? Well you’ll have to check out tomorrow’s post to get the full answer to the question. . .but I’ll give you a hint.

“Get out of the box in which you are living & explore life in fields far from ‘home“. Stop thinking of yourself & your business, professional or community life as something that is geographically bound. Forget that you may live in smalltown USA & begin to think of yourself as a “global citizen“!

Begin to recognize that the internet is here for a reason! Yes some folks use it negatively; but it is an awesome Gift that is ours to use for the benefit of all - if only we stop limiting our thinking about who we are & what we bring to the table (uh, the world!).

Do you want to do more business? Do you want to achieve the level of SUCCESS you have defined for yourself? Are you tired of plowing up the same ground over & over only to find that you stumble across the same folks who have yet to do business with you - let alone send you qualified referrals?

I’m certain the answer to above is a resounding “YES!”

Then one KEY to your SUCCESS is to begin showing the world - here and in other online venues - that you have a level of expertise in something!

If you rarely come to the ‘net‘; then you‘re missing out. If you come here or other sites & simply ‘read’ what others labor over in order to enrich & encourage you - then you‘re missing the boat. If you do write - but do so occasionally (less than 3-4 times weekly); then you‘re missing out.

Now here’s my commercial for THE STATION. No hidden agendas here! Why not ‘test the waters’ of your own expertise by writing a few paragraphs here on something you know more than a thimble-full about. Give us something to ‘chew’ on that we don’t know or may not have thought of or simply have forgotten.

The beauty of using THE STATION is that it is a ‘safe’ environment. Trust me, those who gather here are very gentle & kind with each other. Once you’ve gotten a level of confidence in your personal/professional expertise - then you can branch out onto Twitter, FB and some of the other worldwide phenomenons that exist.

People follow people they perceive as an “expert” in something they want to know a little more about. The more you put something up here & out there - the more others will experience you as an “expert” in the area about which you write or respond to what other’s write.

And just like the Pid Pipper. . . a following does a reputation get. And a reputation gotten is business on the verge of SUCCESS.

So add the “Expert Key” to your strategic chain designed for SUCCESS.

Not sure how to begin? Ask me & I’ll try to help with the little ‘expertise’ I’ve gained!

Be SUCCESSFUL in your day,

Linda, a fellow journeyer
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Member Comments

    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      (華娃娃) ChinaDoll wrote Feb 26, 2009
    • Give us something to 'chew' on  


      Linda, I love to.  Unfortunately, I am not able to disclose my expertise here.  It is a catchy situation.  I am just the odd lot here.  I agree and hope other sistas just venture out and do what you encourage us to do here.  Success = out of the box thinking.

            Report  Reply

    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Linda S Fitzgerald wrote Feb 26, 2009
    • Understood Chinadoll!  Much of what I write is for our STATION members & forgot how pointed this post is.  But still good stuff to “chew” on.  Thanks for your comments.

            Report  Reply

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