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Oh yes! It’s the last week of February & I haven’t finished January’s “to-do” list, let alone February!

How often we fall behind after the excitement of a new year & all that it holds. We come roaring into a new month with a new digit added to the anno domini only to find that our enthusiasm wanes quickly. Could it only be the end of the 2nd month of a new year?

At moments like these, I’m inclined to ‘hang it up‘! Head off to some sandy beach somewhere bemoaning “oh what’s the use!” I’ve been known to mutter such epitaths as “things never work out for me anyway” or “I knew this wouldn’t be any better than the last time!”

Do you at times share the same sentiments? Do you emotionally want to ‘hang it up’ & head for tall timber? Surely not! It’s only me - poor ole’ me - that has monthly pitty-parties because the “to-do” list isn’t “done“.

I’ve decided to try a new strategy! One that will avoid such monthly emotional, immature internal temper tantrums.

It’s called “Screw the List!” Excuse me if the use of the “s” word is offensive - but sometimes it’s simply the best fit!

Yes, I’m going to do away with “lists“. They are a detriment to my emotional health & well-being. They cause me undue stress! As the days ‘dwindle down’ - they produce anger, anquish & downright bellyaching! I become a ‘monster’ that prowls about with clenched fists, pursed lips & teeth glued together in what appears to be an eternal grimmace. No one wants to come near me. In fact, I don’t even like ‘me‘!

It will take real discipline to avoid the pen & pad that sits dutifully in the corner of the kitchen where I enjoy morning muse time & fresh java. Perhaps if I cover it with something - it will go away. Or I could hide it in the closet. The one I rarely get into. That one high above the fridge that holds out-of-season ‘stuff‘. I’ll never find it there. At least not until early summer & that’s months away!

Then there’s the pad that sits on the corner of an overloaded desk. And the one on the nightstand by the bed. It’s a wonder I don’t have one in the bathroom by the ‘john’ & next to the tub!

You know I’ve become so addicted to ‘lists’ that I can’t go to Wal-Mart without visiting the “home office” section & drooling over the steno pads that come 6 to a package. I pick them up - fondle them lovingly & try not to load 1 or 2 packs into my cart. It takes real intestinal fortitude to walk briskly from that aisle without dropping the soft pink one on top of the Honey-Nut Cheerios.

Lists can be a good thing. But then so is Pepto-Bismol when one has a tummy ache! The real secret is not to eat the darn stuff that caused the tummy ache in the first place. And that’s the secret of removing oneself from the addiction of making a list to keep track of the other lists one has made!

Don’t! You know - don’t make a list in the 1st place. Leave it to chance. Leave what needs to be done to the chance that it will get done - without that blankety-blank list sitting there to remind me.

I’ve come to look at my “lists” as almost human. You know - that ‘creature’ staring at me from the corner as if to say - “you didn’t get me done today - shamey, shamey!”

So out with lists! Sc_ lists! They are a menace to spontaneity. They keep me chained to routine & regimen. They burden me with the thought of responsible behavior that leads to real action that leads to SUCCESS.

And today. . . .I could care less! I’m going to take the last week of February & throw caution to the wind. I’m going to close up that steno pad with it’s empty pages staring me in the face & toss it on the pile of stuff labeled “March“.

You know they have a pill for every addiction known to man (and woman). One to stop smoking, one to make one ‘puke’ with the first sip of alcohol, one to lose weight, one to gain it. . . a pill for everything. If only some creative person would make a pill to help those of us addicted to “lists“.

They would make a mint! Have an awesome day with no lists staring you down.

Linda, a fellow journeyer
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