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If you recall yesterday I said on the road to CHOOSING Success, we may need to be tougher. I think I also said we may need to say “no, not that way“. It’s to that remark I address today’s post.

Let me preface by saying that sitting quietly on the balcony in Florida did wonders for my creative thought; as did having Russell playing in the background. I had to rush inside to make notes of all the ideas that came flowing into my brain as I contemplated all things “life” in the 2nd half of the journey.

Choosing SUCCESS is just that. A ‘choice’ - one we must make consciously and determine to stick to the road marked with the big “S” without deviation there from. But doing so is not without it’s challenges & obstacles.

In recalling that it may require us to hold onto control of what it is PAPA has given us to accomplish that leads to the big “S“. . . I was reminded of Jesus’ remark to Peter as they trudged along the road. Jesus had made an indication of the purpose for which He had come and Peter - the usual blustery fellow who’s foot was more often in his mouth than on the road - declared “Oh no!” Jesus retort must have stung the big fisherman to the bone.

There will be times when we must offer the same stark, stinging retort to someone who wants to head off the reservation (so to speak) with our “stuff“. Folks who mean well, but simply have their own agenda rather than the agenda another has offered them.

Times when we must say “Get thee behind me, Bub“!

That may seem harsh and cold for those who are a wee bit soft-hearted. But the “truth” is what we are called to on our journey to SUCCESS! If the “well-meaning, but self-directed” would take us a place we are not to go. . . then it’s the kindest remark we can make.

I come out of the human services field and we are not known for our ‘stiff’ backbone. In fact, we are the one’s who have a difficult time hearing the word “no” and with standing up strong & straight for what we know is right.

As a therapist I was known to be a wee bit “tough” - tough with the questions I asked - tough with the ‘homework’ I gave - tough with holding a client’s feet to the fire. I was often described as a therapist who went for the “jugular” - a psych expression for going to the root of the issue in a “no beat around the bush” manner. But that was different. I was ‘playing’ the role of therapeutic intervenor - it wasn’t good ole-hearted Linda asking those tough questions & going for the “jugular“.

But one of the things we must do to reach SUCCESS is integrate a strong ability to take the reins, direct the show & hold all accountable to the design that has been given to us. When we come to recognize our ultimate purpose and head in its direction. . . we must stick with it. We must also require others to stick with it as well, or. . . .tell them to get thee behind us.

And if they refuse or can’t seem to take rightful position in the plan. Well then, it will be the time to turn those folks out to pasture.

Writing that is painful to me - to my soft hearted side. But I also know that ultimately we are held accountable to Someone who’s plan it is we are walking out. And in my book, if I have to choose between the 2. . . well it’s really not a choice at all.

Finally, if we’ve chosen to SUCCEED and others are in the way of that success - and the success is based on what we are ultimately to accomplish - we must be forthright and decisive.

A word of caution before concluding. Make certain, with absolute certainity, that the other is standing in the way -pointing in the wrong direction - and not there with a mission to correct our steps!

Ah that is the true test of our ability to handle the challenges that come our way as leaders who’ve made the CHOICE to pursue absolute SUCCESS as we define it for ourselves.

Have an awesome day with no such challenges with which to deal,

Linda, a fellow journeyer
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