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Is my SUCCESS dependent upon the economy? To hear others talk, the answer would be “yes“.

I didn’t think much about the interchange I had last week with someone with whom I had been in considerable dialogue up until a month or so ago. In the dialogue that occurred, the other commented that “the economy demanded” a move in another direction. Understood, of course. Until I got to thinking about it from a different angle. The angle of how we describe the “2nd half of the journey“.

We describe that phrase as being when we go from “it being all about me” to “it being about us“! If that is a fact (and I believe it is), then economic conditions ought not make that much difference in how we plan, strategize or otherwise conduct ourselves in the marketplace!

Yes, we must certainly take a downturn in the general economy into account when mounting our strategies for SUCCESS. But we ought not let that same downturn dictate how or when we interact with folks we have some level of relationship with!

And it ought never be about “numbers“. Numbers come & go. They rise & fall. It’s relationships that matter. And they matter regardless of the economic situations we find throughout our lives! When we cast aside a significant (or at least it seems significant) relationship to pursue ‘numbers’ somewhere else, we may have cast aside an opportunity in a future ripe & rich with promise.

Our SUCCESS is not dependent upon the economy. Our strategic plans may have to change in order to accommodate significant economic changes - but that ought never include relationships born of better times.

I don’t know about you; but when someone ‘throws me over’ for a “grass is greener” perspective - I remember that action for a long time. And the person or persons who do so loose considerable credibility in my eyes. I will be cautious in the future if and when those persons return for “relationship” when the “grass is greener” is on my side of the fence!

And I would encourage each of you to do the same!

We are in a ‘rough n’ rocky’ economic situation in this nation. In fact, the entire world is participating in some manner in the downward turn in the market. But I’m convinced that when we maintain a strategy of “how can I help you” first mentality - we will survive. And we will SUCCEED!

That’s the way of SUCCESS! It hasn’t changed over time and I doubt it ever will. When I “pay it forward” as the expression goes - I come out a winner. In the same manner & fashion as those I’ve “paid it forward” to come out winners.

Yes, I know that when things take a downward spiral - fear enters our picture. It’s basic to the human condition. But it behooves us not to stray from a course of action that is tried, tested & true in all economic conditions. Sticking to what has worked in the past is always the best general course of action. With a little tweaking here n’ there to adjust for economic times.

Back to the “numbers game” earlier in this post. It just occurred to me that the larger the numbers in the field in which we play - the less likely we are to be recognized & rewarded for what it is we want to accomplish. It may happen. . . but trust me, not sooner rather than later!

So if you are feeling a little panic rise in your ‘gut’ as jobless claims rise; the market continues to slide all over the place; & housing doesn’t recover as quickly as we’d like - “speak to it“! Yes - out loud! If we don’t, we will take a course of action born of fear rather than confidence.

And fear never - but never gets us the desired outcome in the long run!

If you’ve mapped out your goals, objectives, plans & strategies - stick with them. Adjust them if you must; but keep the basics. Keep the basics of making connections; building relationships of trust and reap the referrals that come from such activity.

But first. Give of yourself! Pay something of value that is your richness to the other. Let them take away something of who you are & what you bring to their table with them. Regardless of the “economic conditions“, each of you will achieve what you‘re after.

And that is your mutual SUCCESS!

Have an awesome day “paying it forward“,

Linda, a fellow journeyer
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      (華娃娃) ChinaDoll wrote Feb 25, 2009
    • I see many successful business personnel has the following common traits:

        - willing to risks  - cease the moment, jump on opportunity  - has a bigger and further vision  - if the decision is made, move forward  - do not regret  - if fail, brush off the dust and go again

      This is the time that “The tough gets going, the going gets tough” (_is that what the sayin?  More coffee!_ )

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