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Love it

Time, Timing, Products and Max

Scott and Darlene Unclebach

By Scott Unclebach
Advisory Council Member
Diamond Associate

As I am sitting on my balcony this morning in Hawaii, I cannot properly relay to each of you how I feel about Max. If you were on the training call last Tuesday night, you would have heard me speak from the heart about how my life has been changed dramatically over the past two years (my two-year anniversary with Max is today).

I have learned so much about the crazy MLM business and so much about what not to do. Nothing like the education you receive in the "School of Hard Knocks." However, if you apply what you learn you get a master's in the field very quickly and I think I am closing in on a degree.  It will be awhile until I am an expert, but I am OK with that and realize it takes time.

Time leads me to my first point. We are very seldom willing to put in the necessary time and effort to become an overnight success. I will not quote you all the statistics but most people or companies that became an overnight success dedicated years of hard work to become an "overnight success." If you have heard me speak in the last few months you hear me use the example of sending our kids to college for, on average, five years, and hope they get out with a job that pays $35,000 per year.

Compare that to our opportunity in Max. It costs you, on the top side, $1,000 dollars to start your own business and I hear people complain! For heaven's sake, I have started multiple businesses where I have spent more than $100,000 and lost it all trying to get a business rolling. You have to get a perspective on the Max business—$1,000 to start a business and basically no employees or other issues of a standard business. Think about this: my brother Mike was recently telling me the comments from his CPA about the advantages of being in a home-based business. You get an immediate $7,000 savings on your taxes for phone, internet, office space in your home, etc. Everyone that is employed would be crazy not to be in a home business!

So, you have invested your money, now all you need to do is become diligent with your time. Crown Diamond Alan Sickman says, "if the average Associate could spend just 1 hour per day for a total of seven hours per week they would reach amazing success levels in this business."

Let's put time into the proper context. Building a home-based business is not a 90, 120 or 180 day deal. To be a Bronze, you have to have at least 2000 CV in each leg, or a total of 4000. That equates to a total of 60 people ordering product under you! That is possible for anyone who is willing to give one hour a day of their time. We have two new people in Australia who have made Bronze in one month and now they will both be Silver their second month. Everyone needs to set a goal to be Bronze in the next 90 ? 120 days or however long it takes. Like Nike says, "Just Do It."

What is the future of Max? To go forward, we have to go backwards to really get the full picture. Going backward, it starts with the Co-founders Steve Scott and Greg Fullerton. They have given their lives to advance this life-changing product to the world. No small matter, and to get two successful people to give up everything for this goal! You all know their story so I will not spend much time harping on it, but we just need to remember where we started.

You then have to look at the company team—why Peter Nordberg, Mike Larkins, and many other corporate studs have hitched their wagon to Max. It is almost unimaginable to think Peter has taken the helm of this ship. When you hear about the crazy divine providence that took place to get him to consider this company, when he could do anything and does not have to do anything, it is inspiring to say the least. We have a leader who has done it before and will do it again with this company.

I could go on about Peter and this corporate team, but for the sake of time I will not. As a member of the Advisory Council, I can tell you these men are of the highest integrity and honor that I have ever experienced in business, and I am very proud to be associated with them.

Now, the product. Just two years ago, MaxGXL completely changed the lives of my family members, and if you have been in this business very long you know someone who has an unbelievable story like ours. You have to cement this into your mind and your heart. This is not coincidence, it is real, life-changing, breakthrough science. This product really works on everybody even if they do not know it.

Everyone you have helped experience the product or become an Associate is better off than they were before you started, even if they are not making money...yet. This has to become a fact that is imbedded in your mind and heart that forces you to tell people about Max every day!

Founders, Corporate Team and Product. Lets talk about timing, the last and possibly the most important factor. If you cannot read the signs, the writing on the wall, the possibilities of the next few months you may need to check your pulse. You have to remember what I said about time. It takes time... It takes time....In any business you try to build, there are going to be ups and downs and sometimes it will go sideways too. This is part of the process of business and part of the process of life. You have to decide if you are going to be in the game when the company explodes into momentum. Are you going to look back and be one of those people who say "I was in the company to early, I tried but it did not work for me," or someone who says, "Thank God I stayed in the game!" I choose to be one of the latter statements!

Addressing the June launch of the products. You may have heard one of us say, "I believe Max will go into momentum after the launch of these new products." Basically, what we are all saying is everything up to this point in Max has been training, preseason, pre-game, getting ready for what is coming.  The question is: Are you going to be prepared for the explosion of growth that is coming. You should be calling all your existing people, touching base with anyone you have ever spoken to before and adding as many new people as possible over the next 30 days.  Everything you do could easily be multiplied by hundreds or thousands when momentum kicks in....Don't miss it!!

I can tell you my personal commitment and the commitment of Max Champion Leaders is to do everything possible to be ready, to help you be ready and to help you help your people to be ready. Let's be dedicated to starting the fires that might be dim or to add fuel to the fires that are already burning and explode your business for the future!

Love it

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