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In today’s economy more and more women are finding themselves at odds with the work place to say the least. They have either recently been laid off, let go, just started to look for work for reasons to numerous to count. Women still are raising families, some fortunately with a partner but many by themselves. Some women are even helping to raise grandchildren. Times have changed over the past decade. Women are now more than ever searching for a way to stay at home, work from home and make what they made before or more. Attorneys, Nurses, Teachers and many more are tired of the hours away from home and the constant cut backs in benefits. Maybe some of this sounds familiar to you. It was to me ll years ago. There is hope I bring to you.  

If you ever decide that you want to work from home and it’s sales based, then sell something  consumable.  That way your customers will use it up and need more. So here is the beginning of my journey and hopefully the beginning of some of yours.  

Eleven years ago I was a single mother of four daughters working three jobs 65 hours per week just to pay my bills and raise my girls. Can anyone relate to that? I knew I couldn’t continue living that way for ever. I was a Hospital Laboratory Supervisor, Massage Therapist for athletes and horses, and worked in a surgeons office. Some how I took care of my children in that time too. We were all suffering.  

Home based business begins:

I was a faithful Mary Kay customer for over a year. DON‘T STOP READING BECAUSE YOU JUST READ THE NAME MARY KAY! I know how I felt 11 years ago when I first even consider this. “Those ladies that drive those hideous Pink Cadillacs have nothing better to do“. “That’s not a real job!” I know I thought all of the things you are thinking. Please keep reading. I was saying. I was a faithful customer. My consultant came over to do a checkup facial and she was driving this FREE car, not stress out, and sold over $60 in product to me in less than 15 mins. Ok, what did I need to find, learn or fix to do what she just did to earn a little extra money or get my products at cost? That’s what I was thinking. Then I found out what she made on just working 25 hours per week and she wasn’t responsible for a patients life!  

It’s not rocket science ladies! As long as little girls are born there will be lipsticks and cleansers being made and sold. Mary Kay pays the highest commission rate in the nation and has been the number one best selling brand based on retail sales nation wide since 1993. Wall Street Journal reports that more women in Mary Kay make $50K - $100K than any other company in the Nation. So I was going to work with a company that had the greatest track record. Mary Kay is a direct selling company not multi-level. That’s very important. We all make the same commission on our product.

I quit my Hospital Laboratory job six months after starting my Mary Kay because the hospital was doing some “restructuring” of the staff and they were going to cut everyone’s pay. A year after that I was driving my first FREE car. The following year I became a Sales Director and earned my 2nd FREE car. After 11 years I am currently a Senior Sales Director and am currently earning my 5th FREE car and continue to be able to help so many wonderful women grow their own businesses and bring $$ into their own families and to watch them grow personally. No one is successful in Mary Kay unless you help someone else be successful too. Enriching others lives is the only way!

Remember that a consumable product is the only way to go so that you continually get paid for the work you did initially over and over again.  

Did you know that Mary Kay is private owned and Debt free. So in this harsh economy when other businesses are crumbling away or trying to get loans to stay in business, Mary Kay has no worries. Isn’t that awesome! Mary Kay has had a 40% increase in new consultants at this time over last year at the same time because of women loosing their jobs or their partner loosing theirs.  

So don’t be afraid to stay at home and work for yourself. You’ve got your own best interest at heart. No one else does. What have you got to loose in trying?

Pink wishes,

Denise Castillo
Senior Sales Director


Member Comments

    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Michelle Rowe wrote Nov 15, 2008
    • I agree - there’s no better job than working from home doing what you want and doing laundry on your breaks!

            Report  Reply

    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Dee Dee Shaw wrote Nov 15, 2008
    • Or hanging with your Fab40 Friends. :)
      Great job Denise! I know you have worked hard to earn your car.
      Many years ago I was into selling plastic and drove a free car. That was in the days where you had to order, bag, and deliver the goods. I didn’t last with it partially because of that, and it was just too much when I had three children and the oldest was three. I actually had a record breaker sales week the week my third was born. LOL
      Now I do something different, and love the flexibility and freedom that is a side benefit from working at home. I am glad you found your niche. Working from home is a great way to go!

            Report  Reply

    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Ommannette wrote Nov 15, 2008
    • I agree.., You go girl!  Working from home is definitely the only way to go.., You are totally in control.., even in these times.., people still spend money..,I go to the mall and I can’t even find a parking place!

            Report  Reply

    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Denise Droesch wrote Nov 15, 2008
    • Thank you for your comment. Actually Mary Kay is not feeling any effect from the economy except growth. When the economy drops Mary Kay always increases in sales! One of the three recession proof businesses out there. The other two are liquor and tobacco.  

      Let me know if you want more info.

      Everything pink,

            Report  Reply

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