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As women at the STATION may have realized I have taken several days to step back and ‘mull‘. Those of you who know me fairly well know that I’m a ‘muller‘. Something happens that ‘rocks my socks’ and I take a moment to breath (usually) and then step back to “mull“.

The “rock my socks off” that occurred last week is not the subject of this discussion, but I think it has relevance. Yesterday I was on a thread at another online community that many of us in Indiana belong to. It was a political discussion. Everyone was polite and respectful until one person (a man) was, in my opinion, disrespectful and demeaning to the woman who started the thread. Very quickly, other males came to her defense - again doing so respectfully. I have to admit, I held my breath to see how it would ‘flow’ & to my amazement it flowed quite well. But it was fortunate that the others who were dialoguing were quick to realize the demeaning nature of the man’s remarks aimed at the woman who started the thread. A very provocative one at that, I might add.

Now having said the above to set the stage - I want to say a little about “writing from the heart“.

New technology has made instant communication easy & ‘instant‘. Email, social media sites like the Station. . . all these tools have made it easy to ‘dialogue’ - literally - with each other in ‘real time‘. What used to take months for correspondence to get from the writer to the writee (a little humor there) now occurs in the ‘twinkling of an eye‘! That is awesome to say the least.

However, it has its down side. I get emails that have thrown all grammar to the wind. And I have to admit that my former near-perfect grammar is a ‘victim’ of same. It seems that those of us who prefer to communicate via email & other more modern forms may at times, take the path of least resistance with our words. . . and such a path is strewn with potential disaster. Why? Because we tend to leave out words that would clarify our meaning because we‘re trying to get it down & hit the “send” button in order to be on with the next. I’m quilty of ‘shaving’ words from what I write in an effort for brevity when I know that to do so may leave an impression I never intended or meant to give.

What occurs to me is that we may have left “writing from the heart” behind in exchange for the need to make it “quick & go“. You know, the McDonald’s mentality. Let me give an example from my own life.

My maternal grandfather & grandmother were 2nd cousins (oh you can just imagine the flack they took). My g‘dad was fond of giving his ‘love’ treasured books for gifts. She reciprocated with same because she knew how much Jess (short for Jesse) loved fine books. She died when I was about 11 and he came to live with us until his death when I was 15. Those were awesome years in which he taught me so many wonderful things. But I’ve gotten off point.

After his death, we discovered some treasures among his belongings. They were letters he had written to my grandmother when they were courting amidst the verbal assaults of family members, friends & their small communities. The letters were exquisite! Their love for each other - although exceedingly proprietous by today’s standards - virtually rose from each page. He was far more eloquent than she was - after all he was a journalist - but she responded with words of deep love that brought tears to our eyes as we read the love letters out loud to each other. The language was a little old-fashioned, but there are days when I would love to return to that kind of old-fashioned. Not old or middle English - but simply words we don’t often use or hear in this day & age.

Once we’d read all of them & returned them to the box in which they had lain for years - we wondered what to do with them. Keep them enshrined as g‘pa had done or destroy them. It was not an easy decision. One does not experience the kind of love & loving, passionate words that flowed between g‘pa & g‘ma much anymore. Finally we determined that it would be best to burn them. Both of them were now dead & if the beautiful words & sentiments of the heart were to fall into less caring hands - well it seemed better to burn them. That is what we did. And we cried as we laid each one on the fire.

It takes time to “write from the heart“! Time to put carefully down on paper (or in this case the computer) what rests in our ‘deepest wells‘. The more we care, the more we struggle to make certain we’ve used the right & exact word we want in order to make certain the sentiments of our hearts are adequately & correctly understood. As our family read my grandparents letters to each other - it was obvious they had taken great time & care with each letter.

G‘ma was flowery - you know in a feminine sense. G‘pa was not only flowery, but exceedingly verbose in the fact that he put in every word he felt was needed to make certain Nelle got the exact and full meaning of his heart. Yep, it wasn’t the words he was attempting to clarify - it was the intentions and desires of his heart that he carefully crafted onto the paper in order that ‘gma never mistook his meaning. I always imagined that he wrote those letters with a dictionary at his side.

Is it our instant society that has changed all that? Or is it our need to live in the “fast lane” that throws all communication - oral & written - to the wind. Scattering words about without a hint of their actual meaning or whether they represent how we feel & what we feel.

Well as I read what I’ve written here thus far. . . I wonder if this is the best location for what I’m writing. Perhaps it belongs elsewhere. . . as a blog post or in some other section of the Forum. NO, I’ve decided it stays right where it is.

“Writing from the heart” is allowing what inspires us most to flow onto the paper (or the computer screen). Writing from the heart sends messages to others that evoke emotions not always felt when reading a newspaper or some other journalistic ‘tome‘. Writing from the heart makes it possible for us to delve deeply into our spirit - our soul -and give meaning to what is there. If only to reach the ‘tip of the iceberg’ of what lies beneath.

If I’m writing a term paper - it better come from my head & the research I’ve carefully compiled. If I’m writing an editorial, well then I can take some license since it’s my opinion - for the most part. But if I’m writing from the passion that lies within my ‘breast’ (a word my g‘pa used to describe his deep love for g‘ma), I will struggle to find just the right word that gives as much meaning to the feelings within my soul as I can possibly find. And then I may not have even scratched the surface.

Writing from the heart comes from both the elation of a moment & the depths of despair that life can lay on our path. It is those moments when words do actually fail us. But once they return to us gradually. . . . we sit to say something about those moments. We seek to share them with an other or others. We search for just the right word to adequately express what really can’t be expressed with words.

And then with extreme caution, we read & re-read. If we don’t - it might not be best to hit the “send” button so quickly. Or perhaps before sealing the envelope, we take one more pass over the words we’ve set on paper that will reach both the mind & heart of the recipient.

My desire is that we continue to write from the heart as we grow in friendship & community with women around the world. We have some awesome & talented writers amongst us. We have women who may not revel in language as much as others. . . but what they do write speaks of the depth of their hearts. And that’s ultimately what matters. But I would caution that before we push the button that will ‘publish’ here, we step back & look over the words we’ve used to make certain we’ve given as accurate a rendition of what we mean as possible. And this includes “yours truly” as well.

Ah, but Linda you say. . . “reality is in the perception of the beholder“! Yes it is!

I guess my g‘pa & g‘ma understood that way back in the late 1800’s. And for that reason took great pains with the words they wrote in an effort to share how much love they held in their ‘hearts’ for each other.

I hope this has an aire of ‘inspiration’ about it. I meant that it should!

Be blessed in your hearts today & much love,



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