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Hello my friends!!!! Thank you all so much for answering the questions. I love to read all your colorful and wonderful responses. Well here goes. These are the personality traits of the animals that you picked.  If you change your mind once you read them. Respond and let me know what you think.  

Panther - The panther is a goal setter and go getter. Panthers are excellent at multitasking. They do alot of things at once and work in priority order. They are interested in the GOAL. What is it. They go into work mode and figure out how to GET IT DONE! They are great leaders and teachers. They can be pushy sometimes and talk alot. They want to make sure that the person really understands what they are saying. They are quick learners and sometimes intimadate people because it appears sometimes like they are talking down to others. They are very confident people. They love life and they stroke you by giving you more responsibility. Panthers love people who can think on their own and are not afraid to try something before they say they dont like it. When angry the panther person Commands. Much like barking out demands and directives. It is hard for them to forget betrayals and they can develop trust issues at just one violation from someone. They are loyal friends and very generous with material things and love.

Peacocks - The peacock person is a Networker and Socializer. They are always on. Even when things are not going so well they are still bubbly. They love to be around people. They love gifts and momentos. They always know everything. This person is the one to ask if you dont know. They will always have information at their finger tips. This person is great in Administrative work and keeping things in order. The peacock needs to be needed. They love to feel like they matter, they count and they are important. The peacock is an encourager but sometimes gets intimadated if they feel someone else may be getting more then they are if they have been doing the same job. They want to be treated fairly. The peacock person Attacks when angry. It takes along time to get them there but when it happens watch out. Run and duck. They are encouragers and want people to be a part of the family or group. They are beautiful people to be around.

Dolphin - The Dolphin person is a bridge builder. They never want to see any left out or hurt. The dolphin is non confrontational and likes a peaceful enviornment. They usually stay away from drama and gossip. They speak softer and are very loving. The dolphin keeps every gift that someone gives them and treasures the small things in life. The dolphin is family oriented and holds on for dear life when someone wants to branch out on their own. It is hard to seperate the dolphin from a family or group. They are very dedicated. The problem for the dolphin person is that they can easily become a door mat for people to step on. I encourage you NOT to let that happen. You do not have a sign on your back that says "I am a doormat for the family, my friends, or my job" You are an awesome spirit and we need bridge builders.  When a dolphin person is angry they Isolate. They most often will go into hiding until they feel better. Try not to do that. Be around family and friends it will help make you dolphins stronger. A dolphin person will stroke you with gifts and cards. They love to show their appreciate to people.

Owl - The owl person is very matter factly. If it is not fact they do not want to hear it! They are very pragmatic and only deal in Black and White. There is no grey when it comes to owl. The owl loves facts and figures. They like to be perfect. They try really hard and get discouraged when things dont make sense to them. When they are talking to you it is usually in a monatone voice that does not vary much and they give you a lot of examples with facts. They will challenge you when they need clarity. The owl person is a great person to go to if you want to find out the ins and outs of something. They study hard and DO NOT like to be wrong. When an owl person gets angry they TELL YOU and then TELL YOU what you can do to fix the problem. They seem non emotional sometimes, but they are very emotional on the inside they just dont let people see it because it may flaw them in the eyes of others and they want to alway appear to have it under control. The thought of loosing it is not good for an owl person, because they believe in thinking clearly and knowing how to respond to every situation.

Thank you again for checking it out and just in case you want to know what one I am It is the PANTHER trait. I really wanted to be the PEACOCK thoughestatic


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