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Love it

Multitasking: the word makes me cringe at times.

In today’s “go-go-go & do-do-do” pace, people feel the need to do some pretty strange things to attempt to be efficient.  Some are okay and really don’t effect productivity, and there are others that just boggle my mind:

Talking on the phone and sending SMS/TXT messages while driving

Using the restroom and talking on the phone—- eeewww!

And last, but certainly not least... the stupid chick in Florida, USA who, a few weeks ago, was driving & getting ready for a date by shaving her “lady area.”  Yes... oh and her ex-hubby was sitting in the passenger seat... oh and she got in a wreck too.  Yeah, I know it’s hard to wrap your mind around that one.  Can you imagine how she has become the butt of so many jokes?

Needless to say, there are some really silly attempts at multitasking.  On the other hand, what many haven’t noticed is that bellydancers are the best multitasking masters in the universe.  A recent thread started by a dear dance friend Alexandra Chavva Graham on my fan page was not only fun and popular - but also made me open my eyes to how incredibly awesome we are. Here are some examples from that thread, called “You know you‘re a bellydancer when...“:

You don’t walk - you shimmy - down the hall!
~ Rachel Coleman

When cooking in the kitchen the lid to the pot accidentally falls on the floor and does the almost vibrating, spinning type of sound and just before it totally stops you start to shimmy.
~ Evelyn Sanches

When you‘re standing in the checkout line at a retail store and you realize you‘re getting strange looks because you‘re doing “alternating butt squenchies” (aka glute contractions) and didn’t even realize it!
~ Dana Packer

Your significant other wakes you up in the middle of the night to tell you to stop doing glute squeezes and humming Oum Kalthoum.
~ Heidi Noora McMaster

You practice belly rolls while laying out....watching tv and trying to fall asleep at night....
~Mia Donna

You‘re in the aisle at the grocery store dancing to the music and tapping your zill fingers together to the rhythm. And you just can’t help yourself!
~Sue Benjamin

When you do hip isolations while driving and you still have total control of the car
~Sascha Olivier-Sampson

When you keep your zills in your purse just in case you have a spare moment to whip them out and practice. Anywhere. Like, in line at the bank.
~Jessica Rhind


 When you are sitting in class and people are looking at you funny only to realize that you’ve been bouncing with your butt shimmies again
~Ashley Palmer

Those really say it all for me! Feel free to check out the [Link Removed] don't miss that one as well.

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Love it

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