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Love it

I love the saying, “You never see the same river twice.”  One meaning to me is that no moment in time is ever the same and you only have this one.  You don’t live in the past, it is gone.  You don’t live in the future, it isn’t here yet.  You live now, right now.  Not even two minutes from now when you decide to get up and go to bed.  Only now!

How much are you living in the now?  It takes practice.  Right now it is 5:00 AM and I couldn’t sleep.  I hear the ticking of the clock in my dining room, the soft breathing of my dog Sadie sleeping beside me (at least one of us is sleeping), I see my cat asleep in one of her favorite places, and I feel my fingers clicking on the keys as I write and the soft light coming from the halogen light beside me.  This is my moment in time and I am keenly aware of it and grateful for it.

A second meaning for “You never see the same river twice,” deals with our thoughts.  Our thoughts come and go, they flow across the Wall Street ticker of our minds, or like clouds floating by above us.  The question is are we able to let them flow on by, with no judgment, self-condemnation or criticism?  

Many of us get stuck on a thought and refuse to let it go.  We dwell, ponder, meditate on it and then wonder why we are depressed, anxious, angry, judgmental, and well, stuck.  We get stuck because our thought ticker gets stuck or because we try to hang onto river water we have cupped in our hands.  We need to let the water run out through our fingers and let it go on down the river.

Our thoughts are just our thoughts.  We have thousands of them a day, though I don’t know the exact number.  We’d be surprised to know how many thoughts cross our mind each day.  Think about all the ones you let go by and don’t try to keep.  “Pretty tree“, “What a beautiful child“, “I need to get to the store.”  For the most part we don’t keep them.  Why do we keep the bad ones?

For the next few days, practice identifying a thought, observing it, and not judging it.  Watch and see whether it is one you let go of or one you try to cup in your hands and keep.  As you practice you will be able to let a thought cross your mind and like a cloud just let it pass on by.

Let the river of your mind flow and see how much better you feel.  Our thoughts are a major contributor to our mental and physical health.  They can either make us or break us in this life.  And remember, “You never see the same river twice.”  Let the thoughts flow and let them go.


Love it


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