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OK, what is it with all these emails trying to scam us hard working people for the few dollars we have? 5 out 10 emails I receive are scams.... what is happening with the world? I love how the internet has made things so much easier for everyone and to be honest I don’t know what I would do without it but unfortunately it’s made it too easy to scam others as well.

How can I win the lottery if I didn’t buy a ticket? I love this email.... I can’t even remember to buy a Florida lottery ticket and I live in Florida... do you think I’m going to remember to buy a UK lottery ticket? Oh and, if I won the lottery why do I need to pay someone to get my money? DUH!

What about the famous Paypal emails asking you to verify your account information? These emails usually say that your account has been tampered with and they need you to access the account to verify your information. In the email they have a small form that requires for you to enter your login, password, and pin number and of course if you do, they will be able to clean out your Paypal account. What do they think I’m stupid? BTW, this happens with banks as well. I keep on receiving emails asking me to logon to my Wachovia bank account and I don’t have one. But of course if they send the same email to thousands of people chances are someone will.

Oh and now there are several emails going around with auctions scams... My favorite one is the Amazon one, the email seems to be coming from an interested buyer that wants to buy one of your items listed. The email states that you need to logon to Amazon to answer the buyer and guess what? The email has a login form. If you login they steal your login and password and start buying stuff with the credit card you have on file.

Always stop and think... Do I sell stuff on Amazon? NOOOOO! If they were smarter they would at least try to verify who is a seller and who is just a shopaholic, me! If you ever do this, please login and change your password asap. BTW, this happens with eBay auction as well.

Another auction scam which I think is the newest one is the Second Chance Offer. Usually if the person that wins the bid backs out of buying the item, the seller can opt to send an email to the second highest bidder. This is something that is legit and very well accepted especially if you really want the item, right? Well buyer beware, if you receive a second chance offer that wants payment only through Western Union, don’t do it. Actually I don’t even bid on items that accept Western Union because these are always scams. They take your money and runnnnnn.

For those looking for employment beware... there are a couple of scams that look like they are coming from The email of course looks very legit but if you read the fine print the job offer requires for you to have a bank account. Since when do you need to have a bank account to be employed? The scam is that you will process payments for them and you get to keep 10% of every amount you receive. That sounds good but guess what? They require that you deposit the payments in your personal account (hum), the only thing you have to do is keep your 10% commission and you transfer the difference to them. But why do you have to deposit this in your account? Well just imagine who will have access to your bank account information? You will keep nothing! Your account will be cleaned out in no time.

I’m so glad that I haven’t fallen for any of these emails scams and all the other ones out there, trust me there are a lot of them out there... but unfortunately there are a lot of people that have fallen for these.

So here are a couple of tips that will help you avoid being scammed:

1. First of all never login to any of your accounts through an email you receive. No legitimate business is going to ask you to login through an email.

2. If the email you receive is asking you to click a link to login... don’t do it. Report the incident by forwarding the email to the actual company. Lots of companies have a Report a Fraud link on their website. Most companies take these kinds of scams very seriously and they have the means to have these websites shut down very quickly. Just don’t delete the email without doing something about it. Even though you didn’t fall for it, doesn’t mean somebody else won’t.

3. Block the sender

4. Never send money to someone you don’t know.

5. Whenever in doubt go to and search for the subject line of the email.... trust me, if it’s a scam you will find something on it.

6. Don’t bid on auctions that accept Western Union

7. If you have an online store and you receive an email from a Nigerian email address, delete it. Really, delete it even though your eyes will probably turn to $$$$ signs when you see the list of items they want to buy. Guess what form of payment they want to pay you with? You got it, Western Union. DELETE!

These are some websites I visit whenever I’m in doubt:

[Link Removed] - Nigeria scams

Oh and remember, If you don’t have a millionaire in your family, don’t expect to get an inheritance : (

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