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  • 2008-01-01 Blog from BJ

    2 posts, 2 voices, 644 views, started Jan 1, 2009

    Posted on Thursday, January 1, 2009 by (華娃娃) ChinaDoll


    • Diamond

      I subscribed to BJ’s blog (She is Louisa’s mother) and I am cut and paste here for her for you to read for many of you asked of how their family is doing:  

      1/1/2009 Vol. XlII No.1
      Happy New Year
      As we begin our second year we also begin our second phase. When we started - we expected to be in a different place but we are not - so we must start from where we find ourselves. Last night I realized that we set out to get one women elected to the highest office in the land and to help her to crash through the highest glass ceiling.
      Well we aimed to low- our goal instead should have been to get us all through that ceiling not to elevate just one of us but to elevate us all. This year that is our goal. Lofty you say? Think again. perhaps they can attack one or two or ten of us at a time but they can not attack 52% of us all at once. So- we need to get out act together. once we figure out how to come together - no one will be able to beat us back - Not ever again! We along with those men who love and care for us - will be a force that they will never forget and it starts today and it starts with us. First we recognize the need, I think we got a taste of that this paste year but in case we did not notice - I will be bringing it to you in raw terms.
      Update on Denise and Louisa
      Denise has another Chemo treatment yesterday and she is holding on for dear life - she wants to be able to take care of her sister- Truth be told - she was not supposed to make it to Christmas but she is still with us and has gained some wieght and she is determined to try and fight on. I can not help but believe the prayers have kept her alive and put some flesh on those bones.
      Louisa has had no change - she has had about 11 operations in 16 or so days and unfortunatley she keeps loosing brain tissue on the right side but she does not get infections and she can breath on her own for up to two hours on some days.
      I am told she will never recover, however, I spend 6+ hours a day working with her so that if there is any chance that she can hear me and possibly respond that I will be there to get her to do it. She can not be left woithout that stimulation or she will never respond so I am there to be sure she has that opportunity. I can not help but believe prayers have kept her alive and will work a miracle in her life as well.
      My daughters are in Gods hands and I can not ask for more than that so pray for them accordingly and thank you.
      Louisa's Law
      I am still working on the fine points and could use your comments and opinions. I am expecting Sen Lautenberg to contact me this week- he is interested in this case and perhaps i can grab his ear. Meanwhile I am still trying to get some media coverage . Louisa’s Law will no doubt cover what the previous laws failed to cover which is - once the abuser is taken into custody the abused must be totally removed from the case . As it is now the abused can not drop charges however they are still involved in every other way so the abuser still involves then and uses them psychologically . For example - Restraining orders are not automatic- families are not covered- jail calls are not forbidden etc etc. there is much to be done - and I will need help because I work with Louisa many hours then I work with Denise the rest of the day so perhaps someone can help me research this matter to see what we need to include so that we do not faIl to protect abused women again?
      Free US Now
      We must pass a law that requires females be respected from the minute they are born. Birth to death. Just as there are protocals for the way we trea others there must be a campaign regarding zero tolerance for disrespecting a female. It must start today!
      Wehn we want to shame a young boy what do we say to him? We say - what are you a girl? are you a sissy? What do we do to older boys and men? Same thing- if we wnat to insult them we feminize them- You run like a girl- you scream like a girl you drive like a woman.
      In our society - the message from birth to death is that all things feminine are bad- dirty or low and all things male are good - strong and right.
      Be a man - don’t be such a girl! The message Males are good Females are nothing! Then we wonder why males have so little respect. Add to that - we sexualize females and what we have is females who are either sex toys or garbage or both in either case they are not worth much and it is getting worse especially when no one anywhere appears to be protecting them nor are they standing up for themselves. See the two blog pieces below and PLEASE go to the blogs and comment. We need comments and action! [Link Removed]
      Louisa's Law - we can change this!
      Posted on December 26, 2008 by freemenow

      Ok - let's start from here- I have two daughters near death both vitims of 23 years of violence that we did not know how to stop!

       We need to stop it now so these statistics begin to change. Only we can affect the future. Are we ready? I am a mother - will you wait till it happens closer to home or has it already? I'll stand with you and together we will stand with her and we ewill stand eith them till we win! Louisa's law!

       Come read the facts - post your comments and join our efforts

      A Majority of Women Fear Domestic Violence
      Posted on December 27, 2008 by freemenow
      "These are truly frightening survey findings," said Lorraine Cole , PhD, YWCA USA 's CEO. "That so many women live in such fear of domestic violence is shocking.

      Two-thirds (66%) of all women and 73 percent of younger women say that addressing violence against women should be a top priority for President-elect Obama and Congress in the first year of the new administration. Most significant, eight in 10 Black women (83%) say violence against women should be a top priority.

      Ho should be enough! Do you hear me now Ho should be enough?
      Posted on December 31, 2008 by freemenow  

      In Delaware Co. PA, a small newspaper [Link Removed] is running stories today on page after page- stories about 4 assaulted women- 2 murdered.

      Ho is enough- NOW is the time to say STOP- the statistics are staggering! Starting Today- we must say No More- Help me Pass Louisa's Law. We can not tolerate the slaughter- strangling - beating and shooting of women. We can not. Women should be treated with respect! Men must fear raising a hand or  voice to a woman ! Men must fear using vile language to a woman. It was not Ho that got Imus fired it was nappy headed! Starting tomorrow – Ho should be enough! Do you hear me now – Ho should be enough?

      Come find out why just being a women is reason enough—we do not have to be a minority too to be protected.

      Excerpt from BJ.. see link [Link Removed] for full report.

      In the land of the free and the home of the brave
      Posted on January 1, 2009 by freemenow |
      Another rant by BettyJean Kling
      For the first time in my life I am not so sure I am proud to be an American today.


      I was sitting here at my computer having just come home from the hospital after hearing news that my daughter may never come out of her coma. I have been crying all the day long and I have no place to put these tears or this fury and as I sit here trying to make sense of it all. I read blog after blog and life is going on for others and it is politics as usual and my heart screams "what about Louisa?" Two weeks ago the blogs were full of her story and everyone was all about what could we do to stop this violence against women. Not just for Louisa and not just for Denise but for all women. Last night I posted 4 stories from one small county about violence against women. I got one friggen comment, granted it's a holiday- but it is no holiday for the abused and dying - trust me - we do not have a day to waste not a minute.

      As I searched the blogs to see who else is writing about violence against women instead of the damned birth certificate that will never yield a damned change in Obama's presidency, and searched the blogs to see who else is writing more about how to stop violence in the media and/or advertising instead of more about why we should not have funded the already funded bailout. I did manage to find one blog [Link Removed] And the Number One Sexist Ad of 2008 Is. . .

      This ad shows the following graphic of a gang rape intended to sell shoes to women. Are women actually buying these friggen Dolce and Gabbana shoes? Please tell me women are not actually supporting manufacturers who depict violence against women! What kind of a message are we sending men- that we like to be gang raped and pay big money to dress for it?

      The blog piece also referred to two other graphics worth showing.

       Channel's ad has a wife beating scene  

      Cavalli has Pirates holding Machete's to women's throats.

      Are we going to tolerate this? How long are we going to tolerate this? Would anyone else tolerate this? Would blacks tolerate their people in ads in nooses or a white women chaining up a black one as in the Remy martin ad shown below?

       Why do our women tolerate this or better yet why do we buy these products; Do we need this perfume Channel, do we need these Dolce and Gabbana shoes, or Cavalli products?

      Let me point out a few more as found in a piece Huffington covered, Five Sexist Trends the Advertising World Just Can't Shake [Link Removed]

      Alex Leo a female writer starts it off with this gem of an opening- I am not even going to touch that one it is so ridiculous first female top chef and all- hahahaha- wow that sure was a big year for us gals but she really does nail it on the five graphics - she is right on target - I suggest you read every word and then join our army and let's get moving!!! These ads also include Remy Martin, BMW, Nikon and Mitchum.
      A few weeks ago I wrote about a Remy Martin on the subway they have plastered the ad74walls with posters depicting a white woman with a chain wound around her neck and a black woman "playfully" holding the chain in her mouth, as if about to yank it.  I got few if any comments on that post- why? where is the outrage- how many of you bought and gave Remy as gifts?  "these women are obviously putting on a show for an outsider, not having a passionate lesbian love affair for themselves. These types of ads gain traction in cultural periods of female advancement–capturing the fantasy of "putting us back where we belong."  

       Not to be outdone Nikon is selling cameras by bringing us girl on girl action- or as Leo writes regarding the camera giant "a staple of the photography world ... should be held to a higher standard than Tila Tequila. There are many meanings to the term corporate responsibility and one of them is not to fetishize female sexuality."

      What message are we sending our youngsters about females?

      Suddenly, in the background I hear the National Anthem — and as the Rose Bowl starts I quickly and automatically jumped up as always and there behind me my daughter rouses from her half sleep and she too jumps up and as we stand there with our hands over our hearts listening — as we always have — we notice something is not quite the same.

      Something just does not feel quite right and as the anthem our voices trail off asn we find our selves repeating weakly "in the land of the free and the home of the brave"  we look into each other's teary eyes and we hug each other and we know the land of the free and the home of the brave does not protect its women!

      They protect criminals, untrustworthy politicians, each other for the right price but of all the human rights they claim to protect - they do not protect women nor do they even attempt to pretend to. Animals have more rights in this country and get better media coverage when mistreated then do the millions of slaughtered women. Where is the outrage from our women, from our mothers, from our sisters, from our daughters?

      If the government and the media don't care surely we do? Surely we care ? We are the majority of this population we are the reproducers surely we care-it is not normal for us not to care - it does not even make sense - it does not fit with survival- surely we care! Even wild animals care and try to defend and protect their own - what are we less than wild animals ? Please tell me we care? Are we lambs being quietly led to slaughter without so much as a whimper

      So- for the first time in my life I am not so proud to be an American.  Hell- I am not sure I am very proud to be called woman if I am going to be one of a few ad61lone voices crying out for justice while the rest of womankind sits and lets them do this to us and our daughters. Is this how we want our daughters depicted?  If we do nothing then we have been part of sexualizing and/or slaughtering and killing every daughter who has ever been slaughtered because we have not risen en mass and said no more.

      Please - Now is the time- I can not say this any more clearly- I did not think my daughter would lay dying from a gunshot to the head tonight - next it could be you or yours. Please stand with me now!
      Free US Now. Boycott every damned product that uses sex to sell. Do it now!

      Step 1- We need to list ever product that uses sex to sell women's items and we need to boycott them NOW!

      Chinadoll, Your links have been removed, please consider upgrading to premium membership.


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