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  • 7 Traits Gorgeous Women Have In Common

    Love it
    10 posts, 10 voices, 6234 views, started Sep 29, 2011

    Posted on Thursday, September 29, 2011 by Denise Richardson


    • Diamond

      Simply Gorgeous – 7 Traits Simply Gorgeous Women Have In Common  

      What woman doesn't want to be simply gorgeous? The truth is, simply gorgeous women have certain traits in common and it's not always their looks that count the most.

      If you're like most women then you would probably love to look and feel drop dead gorgeous but have always believed you have to be stunningly beautiful first. This just isn't the case; any woman can be gorgeous if she knows how.

      To be gorgeous you need to be organized and have control over your life, your emotions and how others see you.

      Think of any woman who you or someone you know might describe as gorgeous and you will notice that:

      1. Simply Gorgeous women are extremely confident

      This is the number one factor and you can't be gorgeous without it. Self confidence is the most appealing trait any woman can possess. When you are bursting with self confidence you actually become magnetic and start attracting other people towards you.

      You need the type of self confidence that shows you are completely happy with your looks and figure. It's a happy, out going confidence that spills over onto other people and makes them feel good when they are in your company.

      2. Simply Gorgeous women know what they want and how to get it

      Being positive and having a clear idea of who you are and where you're going is also extremely attractive as long as you're polite and don't trample over others to get there.

      Gorgeous women are never arrogant or overbearing.

      When you have your life mapped out and focus on the things you want most out of life other people will admire you for it.

      Adopt a positive attitude towards yourself and your life in general.

      3. Simply Gorgeous women are charming and fun to be with

      They have a way about them that keeps the onlooker spellbound and fascinated. If you are charming and fun to be with then other people will love to be around you, in fact, they won't be able to get enough of you.

      To be gorgeous, watch other women and notice which mannerisms appeal to you or fascinate you. Notice how these mannerisms affect other people.
      Try out a few of your own and see how other people react towards you.

      4. Simply Gorgeous women may only have one outstanding feature

      Knowing your best asset and showing it off to the full will make you look and feel gorgeous. If your hair is your crowning glory then have it cut in a style that suits your face and lifestyle. Wash and condition it regularly so that it frames your face and bounces with health and vitality.

      If it's your eyes, make the most of them by getting plenty of rest so they are always bright and beautiful. Use makeup sparingly to accentuate them without overpowering your face.

      To have a gorgeous complexion eat a healthy diet with plenty of oily fish and vitamins C and E to make the most of your skin and bring out your natural beauty.

      If your figure is shapely, wear clothes that fit you, suit you and show off your figure in an attractive and elegant way.

      5. There is an element of mystery about Simply Gorgeous women

      Not sharing everything about yourself heightens curiosity and sometimes it's the things that are left unsaid that intrigue the most. The most powerful element working in your favor is the other person's imagination, let it run wild.

      As Sophia Loren said "Sex appeal is 50% what you have – and 50% what people think you have." Think about that – that means you only need to be half way there to leave the impression you are simply gorgeous.

      The less they actually know about you the more their imagination will fill in the gaps for them.

      6. Simply Gorgeous women know how to walk and hold themselves

      Walking seductively without overdoing it can entrance the people around you and make you look simply gorgeous. Getting in touch with your feminine side and learning to walk so that you accentuate all your curves and feminine sensuality, when done properly, can be pure magic to watch.

      It must never look rehearsed or be over done though. It must come naturally and look perfectly right with you.

      7. Simply Gorgeous women are kind and considerate

      Anybody who is rude or abrupt will never be described as gorgeous.

      Having impeccable manners at all times is important. It's also the little thoughtful things you do for people that end up meaning the most.

      If you treat the people you meet with respect, as though they are the most important person in their world, then you will find you will also become important to them and they will respect you.

      Simply gorgeous women are usually the last to describe them selves as such, but because their lives are so full and interesting they barely have time to think too deeply about their faults.

      And because they don't focus on their faults, nobody else does either.

      Everybody has at least one outstanding feature of their personality or looks that makes them stand out from the crowd. Find yours and make the most of it and you will be simply gorgeous.

      Love it


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