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  • Accomplished the act of discipline

    Love it
    6 posts, 6 voices, 1391 views, started Oct 4, 2011

    Posted on Tuesday, October 4, 2011 by Makeupdiva22

    • Amethyst

      I am not a rich woman, a supermodel, or the most popular person on earth but, I feel I have accomplished what I wanted and still going on my journey. The accomplishment of discipline.

      A few years ago I started training in Martial arts (Tae Kwon Do, Aikido, and Karate) but I felt something was missing. How could I train in these arts If I did not understand the culture, the reason, or the why?
      My grandmaster told me to “seek the knowledge“, and I did. I started to talk to several people in China, Japan, and Korea.  

      These wonderful people invited me to visit and learn from them. I met a wonderful man in China who taught me Mandarin. (I am not fluent but I can carry on a conversation) It was very hard at first but I did not give up. After many months talking on the telephone, yahoo, etc. I decided I wanted to accomplish more so I went to live in Hu Zhou China for several months. I was given task such as climbing mountains, cooking traditional foods, learning about different religions, and the art of Karate. I worked very hard and many times my friend, the monks, and my adopted family there lost patience with me but they did not give up. My last visit I could not believe I climbed the highest mountain there.  

      This may seem like nothing to the average person but being overweight and a foreign woman was very difficult. Now when I go back I am full of pride that I took the time to bridge two cultures together just by asking someone to show me the way.

      Japan to me is a little like America. Things are very expensive and everyone wants to be trendy. This was fine but I did not have any interest in it. I wanted to find out how hard was it to be a samurai in those times. Martial arts were a part of the samurai code and I needed to know if I was as strong, dedicated, and honorable as they were.  

      The visit there was different. I was told to recite poems, learn the traditional tea ceremony, and to stay focused even in the time of distress. I was also taught conversational Japanese.  I allowed myself to suffer a bit regarding eating, not letting the fact I am woman get in the way of hard Aikido training, and heavy meditation without being distracted. This was hard, very hard on my large body but doing what I was told I watched some of the weight come off. I appreciate the fact my guides gave me hope that I can change how I was taught to live. I have not returned in a while but I will.

      South Korea was the hardest. Hardly anyone smiled when I was in training. It was hard on my body doing the stances, running with weights, and being still. I knew that if my Grandmaster who lived here in hard times survived I could.
      I was treated as if I lived in past times. Running, jumping over bamboo poles, using every ounce of my inner strength to complete whatever was asked of me. Even breaking bricks was hard. I could not do it but I was told when my mind and body becomes one I will be able to. Since Grandmaster is still breaking bricks at 71, I know I can at 40.

      I was brought up without discipline. I do not mean I was a wild child it was just my family gave up on everything. Education, opportunities, and their health. I was like this until 30 when people from these countries trained me to leave those poison thoughts behind and take their medicine. The medicine they gave me allowed me to be stronger, wise, dedicated, and a better woman. I plan to go back at the end of the year and stay a while. There is so much more I need to know. This is my accomplishment

      Love it

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