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  • Anyone winning social security disability?

    Love it
    9 posts, 8 voices, 2415 views, started Jan 20, 2010

    Posted on Wednesday, January 20, 2010 by Ladisheets

    • Aquamarine

      Hi everyone,

              I have just been wondering how many people have been through the disability Process and have been approved or denied recently.

              I have been waiting for my second disability hearing here in alaska. I have been denied and i have been through the whole thing again to this point.

              I just dont understand why in america we cant have good healthcare for all.I need surgery but without some kind of insurance i can not get it.

            Anyone else dealing with SSDI issues?

      Love it

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          Mayra Braselton wrote Jun 1, 2010
        • I won. It took a few years, but I won.  I got an attorney, made all the difference in the world.

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          Dana Arcuri wrote Aug 25, 2011
        • If I had my own choice, I would be in perfect health and would not need SSI disability.  In a perfect world we would all be well!

          My reality is that I’ve been struggling with multiple health issues for 4 years.  Initially, I thought the medical circumstance was only temporary so there was no need to apply for SSI disability.  

          By 2010, my health was so poor that I couldn’t even function, much less fill out the forms for SSI disability.  After 2 hospitalizations, I’ve gradually reached a point where I’m confronting reality, regardless of how much I dislike it.  

          In May 2011, I applied for SSI disability & I was denied.  I hired an attorney who specializes in this & I’m waiting for my appeal.  From what I heard about SSI disability, attorneys make all the difference!  My cousin & mother both won their appeal after hiring attorneys.

          I still have mixed emotions about receiving SSI disability. Part of me feels as if my life is purpose....only I’m praying about this & trusting that God has everything under control.

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          Ladisheets wrote Aug 26, 2011
        • I was approved in february. 5 long years of waiting. I am having surgery october 3,2011  spine fusion and cage. All i am hoping for is to be able to walk again. I walk.But i cant for very far at all with out being in so much pain. Ive lived with this since i was in my 30s and now i am 48 so ready to feel better.

          I wish everyone the best.Just dont give up.I have been employed since i was 15 and so i feel i have earned my social security disability and wasnt going to stop the fight.

          Hope everyone is having a great day ! TGIF !

                                          Brenda aka ladisheets

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          Johanna Lynch wrote May 27, 2012
        • I have such bad chronic back pain and injuries. I have applied and have been denied over and over again. I stayed home with my 6 kids. i went back to school and got my associates degree in business specialties and boom, i am so unable to sit, stand, bend, this back injury has ruined my life. I look at the requirements for disability and I have them all. One of my doctors told me If I have a mental illness, they would not denhy me. Well now I suffer from depression and Anxiety. but thats not good enough. The medications I take, I should not be anywhere! If I could work, I would be working. It has been my dream for 29 yrs. If anyone has any secrets besides going to a mental hospital and making up a mental disorder or saying I’m a crack head, which I’m not but these people are getting it. I am under the poverty level and can not move myself and children out of my mothers house. very annoyed.

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          Brenda Sheets wrote May 27, 2012
        • Im sorry. The system is broken.There is no magic to getting SSDI. or SSI.  

          I was always told to never give up. I had to have  a lawyer and it took me 5 years. I went to the clinic once a month to show i was under care and needed care. It was not easy. I do not have money.I have always worked and enjoyed my career and im thankful for that or at my age i would not have enough work credits to get the SSDI that i am getting.

          Hang in there. I hope you can find relief with your pain.

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          Dana Arcuri wrote May 27, 2012
        • Since the last time I posted, I have received a fully favorable determination from the SSD judge. It was totally unexpected and I was pleasantly surprised.  

          Despite the judge determining that my early onset of disability began in January 2008, the processing center within SSD made a MAJOR math error with my award letter. This ultimately set back my retroactive payment.  

          Long story short, SSD had continually made one annoying mistake after another.  They ripped me off $510.00 and I’m still battling with them over it.  

          One word of advice I can offer anyone dealing with SSD, GET AN ATTORNEY. It will not cost you anything to hire an attorney who specializes in SSD.  It is a big help and they understand the law better than lay people.  Their job is to advocate for individuals with disabilities.

          Presently, my own attorney is helping me to work out the ongoing issues with SSD and I’m thankful they are available to lead me in the right direction.

          Next word of advice, always double-check EVERYTHING with SSD, get EVERYTHING in writing & make yourself copies of all paperwork & documents.  (You never know when it will save your rear end.)

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