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  • Be the Queen

    3 posts, 3 voices, 938 views, started Sep 18, 2010

    Posted on Saturday, September 18, 2010 by Princessleah

    • Aquamarine

      I’ve less than two months before my 40th  birthday. I’m not really looking forward to it, but I have to accept that life has moved on and I am no longer a princess.

      Yes, a “princess“. We are all princesses in our own minds, and so we should be. Nothing but the best for us girls, right?

      Although I have lived most of my life thinking I was a princess, special and unique and everyone loved me,  it occurred to me that I can’t keep living a lie. It’s not true that everyone loves me and I’m okay with that. I can’t keep living, oblivious to everything that was happening around me. Being self absorbed is a part of being young and beautiful, a mistake that many women fall into, but what happens when you reach a certain age where you no longer are cute, and you can’t get away with being “cute” anymore?! The things you do are no longer appropriate for your age, the things you like, the clothes you wear, are no longer appropriate? What then?

      Don’t get me wrong, I am not one of those people who wear mini skirts, or wear tops with very low necklines where it should be illegal at a certain age, not so much to discriminate against older women but please have a healthy respect for your body and cover up. Also respect the feelings of the people around you, we all share the world, the world doesn’t revolve around you all the time, not that it ever did.

      Let’s be honest, the era of ME, ME, ME was cute when you were younger, but now it is just pathetic.  Let us take control of the reins of this horse drawn carriage and go to places we’ve never been. Kick the coachman out and let’s go on an adventure. Let the wind blow out our hair so we end up looking like a reject eighties back up singer for WHAM.

      We can’t keep believing that we are “princesses” forever. It’s time to get our priorities right, act our age and take charge of our lives. Be the woman we’ve always dreamed we could be. Life can throw some really huge surprises our way and the key to looking fabulous and happy and undeterred, is to smile. A simple smile can brighten up anyone’s day. Not everyone has to know your troubles, not everyone cares. Share with only your trusted friends or family members. Your moms or your husbands. No one in the world appreciates being burdened with problems when they ask you how you are. We all know that well meaning phrase “How are you?” is not entirely truthful.

      No matter what life throws at us, we are women, we are strong and resilient. We can give birth for heaven’s sakes, don’t tell me we are weak!! Divorce, death, money problems, debt, fighting fat, illnesses, wrinkles, sagging body parts, children, teenagers, menopause, husbands, parents, work.....etc.......just remember this........we can handle anything life throws our way, we are WOMEN, we are sexy and strong, let’s not be princesses anymore,  waiting for our prince charming or the seven dwarves to rescue us, let us rescue ourselves, let us be stronger than this, let us take over, let us be the Queens of our kingdoms, let us rule the land with wisdom and much knowing.

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          Vikki Hall wrote Sep 18, 2010
        • I pretty much prefer the WOMAN part of life vs being a princess. I no longer have hang ups about many different things. I now do things that I enjoy and I do things for me. I guess that’s just part of being a confident woman who is comfortable with herself!

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          Momofthreeprincess wrote Sep 19, 2010
        • I agree Vikki!  In a house of girls some needs to be the queen and that is me.  I have to rule with a firm hand, honest mind, and the grace of a queen.  Now if only I had the court jesters clean up after themselves.

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