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    3 posts, 3 voices, 348 views, started Jan 22, 2009

    Posted on Thursday, January 22, 2009 by Denise Richardson


    • Diamond

      “Beatitudes” Pt. 3

      Matt. 5:5 Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth

      Meek does not mean weak! The world tries to make Jesus out to be some
      sort of coward that went around agreeing with everyone and keeping
      quiet about his beliefs. But if you are a Word reader, you know
      that Jesus taught the strongest message of all times and his message
      went totally against the religious leaders, the law enforcers, and
      everyone that thought they were someone. But he was very strategic in
      his approach, almost cunning. He would just baffle them with questions
      they could not answer and put them in situations they could not handle
      with his powerful word. He was not weak at all but he was meek and
      lowly in his approach. He did not use his rank or authority to get into
      places or float above everyone else, but he stayed meek and low so that
      he could always touch the people. That is why this beatitude says that a
      meek person will inherit the earth because a meek person takes
      themselves down so they can stay with the people of God and not appear
      to be greater!

      We have a serious problem in the body of Christ today. People are being
      lifted up and celebrated like they are the bomb instead of lifting
      Jesus up! Recording artists are acting like super stars now and selling
      everything about themselves. Many pastors and preachers are surrounding
      themselves with body guards and not being accessible to the people
      anymore. God is being pimped by people that love money, fame, and
      worldly accolades! What happened to being “meek“? Jesus did not promote
      himself, but he did just the opposite. He told people to keep his works
      a secret! Jesus wanted to stay accessible to man so that he could help
      them. He did not preach and then go hide from everyone. He did not give
      a word and then walk around with the disciples as his body guards to
      protect him from the people! Even when Peter tried to act like a body
      guard, Jesus rebuked him! Jesus loved the people and wanted to bless
      them. Even when his safety was endangered, he still was so moved with
      compassion for the people, that he went among them. Why are the
      preachers, recording artists, etc. of the church today acting like they
      are stars? Why are they making so many demands in their contracts and
      trying to lift themselves up to be something? Why are they preaching or
      singing and then hiding backstage or surrounded with entourages of
      people to stop others from touching them? What is going on? Well, all
      they will ever have is their money and their fame. But to get God’s
      inheritance (your family blessed and saved), you must stay meek like
      Christ was. Money and fame are not the measure of success! It’s what
      God thinks of you that counts and he measures us by the condition of
      our hearts not the opinions of people.

      Suggested Reading: Matt. 11:29, John 7:10, Mark 7:36, John 3:30, James
      4:6, 1Pet. 5:6


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