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    1 posts, 1 voices, 309 views, started Jan 30, 2009

    Posted on Friday, January 30, 2009 by Denise Richardson


    • Diamond

      "Beatitudes" Pt. 9  

      Matt. 5:11 Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute
      you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake.
      Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven: for
      so persecuted they the prophets which were before you.

      Jesus saved the best for last in this Beatitude. He said that when
      people do you wrong for his sake, great is your reward in heaven! Wait
      a minute! You mean that we are going to heaven to get a great reward?
      The reason I asked that question is because PEOPLE AREN‘T PREACHING
      HEAVEN AND HELL ANYMORE!!!!! The problem is that we have made the
      earth our home but it’s not! The reason why we have pain, hurt, misery
      and turmoil here on earth is because this is not our home! All the
      prosperity messages, the breakthrough messages, the money cometh
      messages, and the television hype messages all suggest that we should
      have heaven here on earth. But there is no way we can have heaven on a
      place that is not our home. The sin here on earth should disturb us
      but many of us are so busy trying to get all that we can until it
      doesn’t even bother us anymore. Sure, we are to have money, that’s why
      we have jobs and education. Sure we are to have peace, that’s why we
      don’t practice sin. Sure we are to have a good time, that’s why we
      have family and friends. But we will continue to suffer and be
      persecuted because this world is not our home.

      Because so many don’t have the hope in Christ’s return anymore they do not
      live like he is coming back. People feel that he is not coming back to
      get us any time soon, so they live like the world and do what they did
      back in Noah’s day. But Jesus said that your hope in his imminent
      return will cause you to walk purely. And that’s the way it was when
      we were younger. But now, church folks are thinking about what we can get
      while we are here. I caught a glimpse of the 2009 Celebration of Gospel last
      night and
      was so ashamed of the way Christians were seeking fame, fortune, and
      worldly accolades for talents that God gave them. So many homosexuals and
      secular performers. So many self centered performances and glory hogs! So
      many tight skirts and painted on pants (that was man wearing those!) Aren’t
      you sick of some of these artists pretending to be deep and spiritual, yet
      an event that promotes homosexuality and worldliness? A truly Spiritual person,
      especially one that supposedly struggled with homosexuality, wouldn’t be caught
      dead in an atmosphere so vile and godless. The Spirit of God was no where near
      that event because God shuns people that don’t stand against sinful
      lifestyles and lasciviousness! I came to the conclusion that this
      Celebration of Garbage will be going on even after Jesus has come and gone. We
      are acting like this is our home and we should be celebrated for our
      talents here on earth. But Jesus said great is your reward in heaven.
      He also said that if you seek your reward here on earth, that’s all you
      will get. He said if you seek the praises of men, then that’s all you
      will get. But if you seek a reward in heaven, you will be greatly
      rewarded when you return home. Heaven is our home people and the earth
      is not. So, get your affections off this place and keep them in things
      above. Save souls for the Kingdom and change lives, and stop seeking
      to be something in this world. If you seek first the Kingdom of God,
      then he will make you what you are to be and you will get your reward
      in heaven! Jesus is coming back for us and we must be ready at all
      times because he said, when the world forgets he is coming and are no
      longer concerned with heaven and his return, that’s the moment he will

      Suggested Reading: Matt. 6:2, Matt. 16:27, John 18:36, Matt. 24:44


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