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  • Casting Simple Blessing Spells

    16 posts, 8 voices, 1307 views, started Feb 3, 2009

    Posted on Tuesday, February 3, 2009 by Rena Bennefield


    • Garnett

      Blessing spells are all-purpose magical rituals that can bestow good fortune and protection on you and your loved ones.

      Blessing spells ensure that good fortune and luck are on our side in everything we do. We always hope that we will make the right decisions and that our plans will run smoothly, whether they regard our health, possessions, business ventures, exams or other situations. Who knows what tomorrow will bring? Blessings spell help shield us from the unpredictable.

      Traditional Blessings:
      Since ancient times, people have blessed their crops and livestock to protect them from misfortune. This was a vital part of life because in times of hardship, survival depended on having enough food. As travel became easier, blessings were made on travelers and their transport. Even today, ships are still blessed with a bottle of champagne when they are launched, to keep them and their passengers safe.

      Blessings In Daily Life:

      Blessings are something that have survived into daily life, and we usually bestow them automatically without even thinking about it:  

      When someone sneezes we say "Bless You" without knowing that this was an old blessing ("God Bless You") to prevent the plague- the first symptom which was sneezing.
      Each time you raise your glass and chink it against another person's glass saying "Cheers" you offer a blessing.
      The theatrical tradition of saying "Break A Leg" comes from the belief that saying this will avert bad luck.

      Casting A Blessing Spell:

      Blessing Your Home: The home is the center of our lives, and should always be blessed. If possible, circle its boundaries clockwise with your favorite Joss Stick, saying: "Air" bless my space, to be a safe and happy place" Repeat this inside, going to every room in the house. Then repeat the same steps outside and in with a red candle, but inserting the word "Fire" instead of "Air". Repeat again with a bowl of water, sprinkling it as you go and saying "Water" instead of "Air". Finally repeat with a bowl of salt, sprinkling as you go and saying "Earth" instead of "Air". To finish the blessing, imagine a blue sphere of light enclosing the whole of your house, keeping it safe and warm.

      Blessing Your Pet:
      Animals are very precious to human beings and have long been blessed for protection and good health. Here's how you can bless your pet. On a sunny day, prepare your pet's favorite meal. Pour a few drops of spring water onto the food under the midday Sun and say: "May the radiant Sun bless you with health, strength and vigor". Then take your pet into the garden, making a fuss of it as it eats. See the Sun bathing your pet with golden light. In this way, your pet is blessed by the food within and the light without, keeping him safe.

      Blessing Your Car:
      Do you worry about your car being stolen or damaged? Blessing it can help to protect it from misfortune. Give your car a good clean inside and out. Then take 3 Frankincense joss sticks and a piece of turquoise and walk around your car clockwise, allowing the smoke to blow over it. As you do this say: By Sun, Moon and Star, I bless my car, safe from all harm, by the strength of this charm". Then waft the joss sticks inside your car and put the turquoise in the glove box to maintain the effect of the blessing.  

      Garden Blessing:
      You can bless your garden to insure it produces beautiful flowers, plus herbs, fruits and vegetables to enjoy.
      One the first New Moon of Spring, after you have planted your bulbs or seeds, go into your garden. Wear something green and carry a bowl of rainwater you have collected previously.Walk clockwise around the garden circling it three times. As you do so, sprinkle water on the plants and chant as you circle: "Lady Moon "bless my garden from all ill, that it may thrive and life fulfill.


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