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  • Celebrity Rehab

    12 posts, 5 voices, 1457 views, started Oct 24, 2008

    Posted on Friday, October 24, 2008 by Daphne


    • Carnelian

      Has anyone watched this program?  The second season began last night.  Perhaps i’m a rubber-necker, but i am intrigued by this program.  Dr. Drew is the unflappable voice of reason.  This season’s patients are:

      *Sean Stewart, son of Rod Stewart

      *Nikki McKibben, American Idol contestant

      *Tawny Kittaen, Whitesnake Video model

      *Gary Busey, has-been

      *Rodney King, LA cops beating victim (1991)

      *Amber Smith, model

      *Steven Adler, ex-drummer for Guns N Roses

      *Jeff Conaway, star of Taxi, Kenicki from Grease, and Celebrity Rehab season one alum.


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          Delited wrote Oct 24, 2008
        • Oh gawd, if I have to listen to Jeff Conaway cry for one more season I may have to shoot myself!

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          Daphne wrote Oct 24, 2008
        • LOL, delited...i think that may be what Steven Adler’s role is this season!

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          Daphne wrote Oct 31, 2008
        • Well, i invested another 60 minutes in this train wreck last night.  

          Take heart, doesn’t appear that Jeff is going to be doing much crying.  He seems to be more interested in complaining, ordering people around and swearing.  If you ask me, his biggest obstacle in achieving and maintaining his sobriety is his girlfriend, Vicki.  Talk about a leech!  

          As if Jeff’s brand of crazy isn’t enough, the producers have provided the program and the viewers a brand new head-case.  Gary about a blithering idiot.  “Y‘know what TRUTH stands for?“...or...“Y‘know what FUN stands for?”  Tawny Kittaen, while not the sharpest tool in the shed, hit the nail right on the head.  Gary belongs in an entirely different kind of facility.

          Nikki McKibbin spent the show in withdrawal and Amber Smith got her withdrawal underway by the end of the program.  

          Didn’t hear much from Sean and Rodney but Steven provided a glimpse into the horror that is drug use.  I feel badly that he was turned out at age 11...some Mom he had.  The idea that he hasn’t been sober for more than 2 1/2 days in a row since he was 11 seems unfathomable.  His emotional age is roughly that of an 11-year-old.

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          Daphne wrote Nov 7, 2008
        • Well, since i started this recap, i’m going to continue it until one of two things happens: i can no longer tolerate viewing the weekly train wreck or i am asked to cease and desist.

          We didn’t see or hear much from Nikki McKibbin or Amber Smith but it appears that next week will be pivotal for Amber.

          Gary Busey continued his brand of crazy but was called out by the other patients.  He doesn’t seem to be capable of understanding what condition he is in but he’s at least trying to see that he has a physiological issue.

          Sean Stewart admitted that his biggest obstacle is his anger and resentment toward his father.

          Tawny Kitaen confessed that her given name is Julie and she changed it to Tawny when her family moved and had to go on welfare after her parents divorced when she was 12

          We didn’t see much of Jeff Conaway aside from his attempt to get Gary to see that he’s an addict and needs to participate and share.  It looks like next week will provide us with a glimpse into his relationship with his crazy girlfriend, Vicky.

          Steven Adler appears to be really embracing the program.  He is vocal and encourages everyone’s participation.  He was shaken up the most when his boat capsized during their afternoon outing.

          Rodney King shared his thoughts and feelings about the beating he took at the hands of the LAPD and his desire to right himself in order to live a better life and be a better role model for his children.

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          Daphne wrote Nov 14, 2008
        • Once again, Jeff Conaway monopolized the program.  He is inconsiderate and rude to everyone and is also insistant about having another back surgery to correct the damage done when Vikki kicked him 4 times in the back after an argument.  Dr. Drew explained to Jeff that his doctor does not see surgery or drugs as the answer to his problem and Jeff will not accept this.  So much so, that no matter how Dr. Drew said it, Jeff did not GET that physical therapy, exercise and a number of other options are available to him.  At the end of the show, Jeff was on the phone with 9-1-1...claiming he was being held against his will.

          We got a little bit from Amber Smith in that she admitted that her mother is/was and addict.  Dr. Drew met with both Amber and her mother and talked about rehabbing Amber's mother.  She appears to be marginally interested.

          Tawny Kittaen broke down and admitted that she was molested by a (bleep) when she was 11 years old and that she has never told a soul. I thought it was interesting how Jeff reacted...kind of like he can relate. When Tawny said that she hasn't felt respected since then and that was another element of her changing her name, Sean Stewart looked at her and said, "Julie is beautiful."  I thought that was very touching.

          Aside from his comment to Tawny, we didn't hear much from Sean Stewart . Same for Rodney King , Steven Adler and Gary Busey .  

          It looks as if Jeff is going to get another spotlight next week.  

          Stay tuned...

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          Daphne wrote Nov 21, 2008
        • Okay...i think it’s week 4.  Here’s the low-down from last night’s program:

          Again, Jeff Conaway is the center of attention.  After calling the police, claiming that he was being held against his will, Jeff has a miraculous "recovery" and is now walking upright and even showing off a little soft-shoe dancing action.  He was also pretty vocal about Gary.  I mentioned last week that Jeff appeared to be able to "relate" to Tawny's admission of being molested as a child...and this week, Jeff stated that he'd been physically abused and molested as a child!

          Gary Busey is up to his crazy self. He tries to "budge" into the front seat after Jeff Conaway "calls shotgun" and he is told off in spades...then denies that he got physical about it. Sean Stewart calls him out, too. Everyone is tired of Gary's special brand of crazy and a special meeting is called. The end-result: Rodney King is now responsible for keeping Gary in check.  Rodney will be sure to inform Gary when he is crossing personal boundaries.  Call me crazy, but...i wouldn't want this job for a millioin dollars!

          Amber expressed her dismay with Gary and Jeff's constant disruptions.

          Sean is becoming more vocal.

          Nikki McKibbin seems to be riding the wave...not making trouble and participating actively in the program.

          Steven Adler had a meeting with his mother and it is a HUGE understatement to say that it didn't go well.  Personally, i don't find his mother to be a particularly likeable/loveable individual.  She appears to be more interested in her own agenda than in validating her son's issues...of which he has MANY!

          Didn't hear too much from Tawny this week but i have to say...she appears to be a pretty well-adjusted individual with some emotional smarts.

          I’d like to hear from others who watch this show.  Please comment!!!

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          Daphne wrote Dec 5, 2008
        • Oops!  Missed posting last week...i must have been sleeping off all that turkey!

          Okay...let’s see who did what last night...

          Once again, Jeff  is making plenty of noise.  Tawny and Amber have a sense of humor about it, though.  I suppose one might need a sense of humor in order to deal with the constant crabbing this man does.

          Nikki  discussed her inability (unwillingness) to write poetry or music now that her mother has died.  After some encouragement from Bob (one of the staff who is also an ex-addict and songwriter), Nikki put some words to paper...Beautiful Disaster.

          Sean Stewart really opened up about his self-esteem issues and he and Amber bonded through similar feelings and experiences.

          The only thing we heard from Gary Busey is his comment about Jeff's drama...he referred to Jeff as a "portable soap opera".  That about sums it up!

          Another quiet week for Rodney King and Steven Adler .

          Season 1 alumni, Seth “Shifty” Binzer’s sponsor contacted Dr. Drew.  Shifty is skinny and strung out.  Dr. Drew encouraged him to get back into rehab but he had to get high one more time before he could do that...and he entered rehab by way of the roof, with his two new pets (hamsters) in tow.

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          Daphne wrote Dec 20, 2008
        • So, this past Thursday was the final episode.  Jeff was tossed out of the program for physical violence and he zoomed home to his arsenal of pain killers, with Vikki at his side.  Nice...real nice.

          I read that Steven Adler was in court yesterday for drug possession and he was ordered to a halfway house.  I think he was arrested before going to celebrity rehab.  He is one who i am skeptical about regarding his ability to stay clean.  I do hope he can.

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          Leadinladytracy wrote Dec 20, 2008
        • I watched it off and on. Jeff really got on my nerves. I remember him from Celebrity Fit Club. He acted up on that show too.

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          Daphne wrote Dec 20, 2008
        • Jeff’s a complete has-been and he is more interested in his drugs than anything else in his life.  It’s really quite sad but, after two seasons of his whining, bitching and abusive behavior toward everyone he encounters, i’m over any care or concern i may have felt for him.

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