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  • Children with Down Syndrome

    7 posts, 7 voices, 2088 views, started Jan 19, 2009

    Posted on Monday, January 19, 2009 by Angela Weaver Michael


    • Amethyst

      Hello Everyone,

      I am new to this grooup, my name is Angela And I am the mother of five.  Michelle 27,Chandi 25, Jennifer 24, Julia 21,and Matthew 19.  My son, Matthew has Down Syndrome.

      Matthew is such a wonderful young man. When he was born I knew very little about Down Syndrome, but as any new parent of a special needs child, I wanted to get my hands on any and everything that had to do with Down Syndrome.  In 1992, when Matthew was born, there was very little out there to help me understand what I could do to help my son reach his full potential.  Since then, the public has become very aware of all children with special needs and programs for their families. It is so amazing, that in just 19 years, how much things have changed from acceptance to resources to support.  

      If there is anyone that needs someone to talk to or has questions about Down Syndrome, please feel free to contact me.  

      Yes, it is true, children with special needs are truly Angels among us!


      Have a Blessed Day,


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          Owlmaria wrote Jan 25, 2009
        • Dear Angela,

                  My name is Maria. I have 2 sons, the oldest is a Down Syndrome-Trisomy 21. He is now 28 years old. His birthday was in Jan. When Daniel was born, he was the 6th born that week @ Ft.Gordon, GA. His health is great, now but we went through hard times for several years. Back then there wasn’t very much info to help me either. Most of the comments were about how I should put him in an institution to save our family a lot of trouble! No way was I going to give my newborn to strangers! My ex didn’t accept him & I basically raised & taught him on my own. We were sent to Okinawa w/ assurances from the military that they could handle any health problems. They forgot to tell me that DOD schools did not accept children until they were 3 years old. We came back to the states-Ft.Hood,TX & for him to receive any schooling meant he would have to have a 2 hour bus ride to the nearest school for children w/ special needs. I couldn’t accept that either. So I taught him @ home until we got out of the Army & moved to GA where I found a school w/ Sp.Ed.
          After my divorce, I married my husband of 16years(in July) & found that the county we lived in had 1 school for Sp.Ed. He had the same teacher for 11 years & she taught him to read on a 3rd grade level & much more.
          Daniel is very high functoning, does chores, can cook,& has a job @ a workshop about 45 min.s from here. He is truly special to my family & he graduated from High School 1 year after his younger brother(who would kill anybody who messes w/ his brother). Daniel got a certificate of completion but he thinks it is a diploma like all the rest of his school-mates got. he was the 1st Down to walk across the stage @ their H.S.!!
          I am his Legal guardian & Conservator due to my ex & Daniel’s SSI/DI. He doesn’t talk very well but we understand him but when he turned 18 I was advised to become his legal guardian b/c of his inability to speak for himself & make important decisions on his own. Your son is beautiful.
          Oh, Daniel has had double cataract surgery to correct his vision, it made a world of difference for him.
          Matthew & Daniel could be brothers! Good luck to all of you. Hope you like the pic. of Daniel.
          Love, Blessings & Prayers,  Maria  

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          (華娃娃) ChinaDoll wrote Jan 26, 2009
        • FYI:  

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          Chinadoll, Your links have been removed, please consider upgrading to premium membership.

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          Linni wrote Jan 26, 2009
        • yes, they are both truly angels!

          you know, i honestly believe that God gives us our children because He knows we can handle them!

          What fine young men you both have raised! and what a blessing that you both did NOT throw in the towel and put them in an institution!


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          Sheila Mitchell wrote Jan 26, 2009
        • Here is my special boy....He has Smith-Magenis Syndrome, I’ll post more about that syndrome later.  

          Billy will be 14 on Valentines Day, God’s Valentines gift to me. He also gave me a beautiful daughter on Valentines Day, she will be 12.

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          Farmmom wrote Jan 26, 2009
        • What sweet kids you all have!  I am blessed to work with kids who have DS every day.  Meeting parents like you strengthens my resolve to help these kids to be their very best.  Thanks for sharing, ladies!

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          Momofsixteen wrote Jan 30, 2009
        • Hi ladies,

          I’m a mom of sixteen kids, one has full DS and another has 25% Mosaic DS.  They are both wonderful kids.  They are truly kids in every sense of the word too.  They are so much like the others that I often don’t even notice their DS.  I like that.  My son cannot speak clearly, but when I came here, he didn’t speak over a handful of words and they were not clear at all.

          I’m their stepmother.  They were born into a family that eventually numbered eleven children, the youngest being born at 28 weeks gestation (no DS).  With Andrew living in the hospital for 7 months which necessitated lots of trips to the hospital 1 1/2 hours away, the two special needs kids did whatever they could get by with, and that was no “pushing” but rather, just being.

          This was good for self esteem, but bad for self discipline.  Today, they are learning that they must do what they are told, and it’s a struggle at times.

          Their mother died just one month after Andrew’s birth leaving their dad alone to care for ten at home and one in the hospital.  Teen siblings know nothing of parenting, but did a good job of caring for their needs like food and clothes, getting him on the bus, etc.

          I met their dad online and when I visited them, I decided I could not continue the direction I was headed when Ed asked me to care for his kids (instead of getting a job fresh out of a divorce in a 27 year marriage where I had five kids of my own).

          So, yes, I willingly moved from KY to PA to simply take care of his eleven kids and three of my own (my two eldest daughters were married already by then).  It wasn’t easy at all.  It was very hard.  The older kids did not want me or anyone in their home and the younger kids made things worse by clinging to me.  Somehow it worked well enough for me to agree to marry him the following year on Father’s day.

          Now, our son and daughter have progressed so much!  He can read, speak so many more words, and write.  She is on the honor roll at her school (though she tested with developmental delay).  He still won’t eat just anything without prodding, but he will if I bribe him with a favorite item.  He loves bread, so I give him a bite of bread for every bite of vegetables.  She reads at 1st grade level in the 1st grade, aces math, spells perfectly.  It’s amazing.  She’s a devious one, that girl is!  =P

          I love my kids-everyone of them-though I did not give birth to two thirds of them.  It’s an adventure everyday!  I wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world!

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