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  • Chronic Pain Sufferer Chicky <3

    Love it
    5 posts, 5 voices, 579 views, started Sep 6, 2012

    Posted on Thursday, September 6, 2012 by Coleenjw

    • Amethyst

      heart Hi. I am a sufferer of Fibromyalgia and Osteoarthritis. Im considered a severe case. This has left me basically disable. I no longer am able to work, nor am I able to do the things I love anymore. My life has totally changed frown I was diagnosed in 2001, but continued to work as a bartender. Well, as of ‘08 I basically pushed my limits and had to stop working as the pain was extreme. I am however one of the fortunate ones as after fighting, and hiring an attorney, I now collect disability. My biggest problem is I’m somewhat in denial. I was told by a.counselor that in a way I have to grieve the “old Coleen” as she can no longer be. Well, I can’t. I’ve gone threw Hell and back with l kinds of specialists, one being a top rated pain specialist from Boston who started me getting Lidocaine I.V. transfusions every 5 weeks. At first it was what I thought to be a miracle, but that stopped. Being told by him, “there’s nothing else I can do for you” kinda broke me. Id love to be one of those positive people whom suffer the same, but to be perfectly honest.....I can’t. Well, not that I’ve babbled on and on, I guess I’m finally reaching out, as this is a first for me to do. I’ve never posted anything like this before. Anyone wtho can relate....Please message me. Thank You to anyone who read this heart
      Xo, Coleen happy

      Love it

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          Marya1961 wrote Sep 6, 2012
        • Hi Coleen!  I can certainly relate to what you are feeling.  I was diagnosed in 2008, and it has been very difficult for me.  I believe this is a “silent illness” that builds up over time, until the person is in really bad shape.  

          I was astonished to hear you were able to fight the system and are able to collect disability as MOST people would look at a person with Fibro and just poo-poo them...kudos to you!!

          If you would like to talk further with me, just PM me and we can share.  Wishing you much peace!happy


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          Nita P wrote Sep 6, 2012
        • hi colleen i have osteo arthritus.  it was so easy for me to fall into medicated drugs to ease the pain but that caused other physical problems...many years later this is what i know of myself 1, if i push myself too hard its absolute bedrest so i have learnt somewhat to be more easy on myself, 2, i must must eat and sleep well it makes handling the day more easy. 3, a little exercise is better then nothing so lying in bed or sitting down moving hands legs and body is fine. 4, at times i do have big cries, little cries i just feel upset and thats alright.  hearthearthappy

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          Teresa Price wrote Nov 19, 2012
        • Hi, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia last year I have been in so much pain. Please can anyone tell me if you feel pain in your bones. Everything I read it says muscles and nerves not bones but my bones at times feel like they are breaking with any pressure. I have to sleep on 8 inches of that foam that contours to your body so I can get up in the morning. hugs hurt me sometimes I cant pick up anything without feeling like screaming it hurts so bad this kind of pain just started about 4 months ago I went to the hospital because I have no insurance and they said it was just my fibro acting up but this just started the other pain I had was aching like a tooth ache and terrible stiffness but this is nothing like that yet I still feel that. Please help me know if this fibro or something else thank you

          * Teresa Price*
          Independent Distributor

              Id# 162255



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          Mzd3 wrote Dec 3, 2012
        • I’m wondering if my pain that I’ve been having for months and months could be fibro too. I looked up the symptoms on web MD and sounds exactly like the site describes. I’m going to ask my Dr. About it tomorrow .

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